How do you resolve conflict in your family?

Do you have the right support, or are you unsure of what that means or what the right support looks and feels like?

This is one of the reasons we are sponsoring Pro Advocate Radio, which launched on Business RadioX at the Buckhead studio in Atlanta, Georgia, in January. We will be on the air each Monday morning at 10:30am and again on Saturday on 92.5fm out of Atlanta and Newnan, Georgia. This show is not for the timid, but rather for those of you committed to seeing protections and rights afforded in family court, and to seeing our laws upheld. Our children are counting on us to get this right.

If your conflict has entered the Family Court system, you probably realize there is more going on than you can manage alone. Our experts are here to help clarify and direct you to safety.

You may see or hear that Justice is out of reach for many exposed to our legal system, even when paying large sums to professionals we believe are highly regarded.

We can save you some time, revealing what we’ve learned from years of research, investigations, and reporting: Our Family Court system, we now know, often carries out Justice in a way that the public is unprepared for at best. 

Is there something we can do about this? We believe so!

First, we show as a community that we expect better!

There are options, safer and healthier options, for families working through conflict. See the Pro Advocate Radio show link to the right, and learn about this dialogue starting in Atlanta, Georgia this January.

Listening and talking are not enough, though. We are also calling for a formal review of these cases flagged for professional misconduct. Now that we know the issues, as explained on these web pages and in news media reports on troubled cases, we need to identify the steps to improve safety and take action to correct avoidable damages.

One step is using your voice: please sign and share this petition. Then keep learning, keep taking that next step:

      • Solving the problems described here will take more than raising awareness & showing the damages caused for good parents and children.
      • Teams are forming to develop solutions that will increase public safety, improve stability for families & children, while serving to preserve or restore health and peace of mind.  
      • My Advocate Center’s approach to teamwork: highlight what is possible when working with the right professionals, using available evidence / testimony, ensuring that laws / rules are upheld.
      • The right professionals are those who are committed to adding value, demonstrating integrity and ensuring loyalty to clients. 
      • They work to resolve conflict rather than prolonging and worsening it. They also work to provide transparency rather than discourage it.
      • The professionals we engage and invite to review cases and to speak are those who work to see the family prepared to move on in a way that actually serves the children well.
      • With the right team around you: preserve your resources [including your time and energy] for yourself and your children.
      • True teamwork with professionals who add value means that we allow the children to have the best that both parents have to offer.


News media around the U.S. and around the world have been paying more attention to families and children asking for help, and this report is one of several that addresses issues being presented for reform. Welcome to Augusta, Georgia and Family Court Shenanigans!


The problem?

Parents and professionals alike are facing more turmoil in Family Court cases than ever before, leaving behind a wake of unprecedented damages to children.

Previously we bought the myth that it was mostly caused by individuals who “just can’t get along,” but now we know it is not that simple.

We have seen parents become confused, financially broken and unable to provide for children, if they are even allowed to care for their own children.

Most parents did not realize there was a crisis in our court system, until it was too late for them to see the traps, let alone to react and move to safety.  

No, it is not a quick fix, but we now know it’s possible to do better.

The Solution? 

Learn about the differences in professional conduct and resulting outcomes.

Listen to parents and children.

Dissolve the myths that cause us to turn away from the trauma and loss they are experiencing. This could be YOUR family next, if we do not act quickly.

Get involved. Contribute where and what you can.

Address the shame and confusion that causes parents to not ask for the right help.

Teamwork makes a difference. Work together, even when you do not agree 100% with another party or with other advocates.

Challenge professionals and jurists to overcome the status quo. Hold those accountable who hide and cover for the status quo.

Professional misconduct is to be reported on and addressed. Ignoring it is not something we can tolerate any longer.

Feature talented, ethical professionals who add real value and improve outcomes for families as a whole. [Divided families do not have to become destroyed families, do they?]


That is only part of the program:

We have studied cases across Georgia, comparing the issues and evidence to those in other states, and can draw the same conclusions: we need clear options for families to avoid unnecessary loss due to professional misconduct. We need a way for parties to avoid clearly harmful, dishonest practices that too often exploit the entire family’s vulnerability, leaving parents and children in worse shape than where they were found.

You likely cannot even fathom that this was going on, can you? Unfortunately, this is our reality. But it is not too late to intervene and to correct this situation.

Some glaring examples of bad practices are seen in the Augusta judicial district, including the GAL and attorney misconduct that led to good parents being damaged on a growing number of child custody cases. Visit our YouTube channel to learn from the news reports on these cases.

My Advocate Center has dedicated this site to not only explaining the issues faced in Family Court, but to creating a better path for parents to follow, and one that better serves the real needs of children.  

There are many places to go to learn about problems parents have with each other, or about damages resulting from mis-handled Family Court cases.  Now through My Advocate Center there is a common ground, or a neutral platform, for both parents and professionals to work together to solve problems in our court system. Help us resolve conflict more safely and cost-effectively.

Ready to bypass the news reports and updates?

Request support or more information here.

If you would like to request information, and do not see the contact form, please send a message using FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN OR EMAIL HERE.

Please learn more about why Court Watch events are happening, and Sign our Petition if you agree that more transparency in Family Law and Child Custody cases is needed!


Who can benefit from My Advocate Center’s involvement in family conflict resolution?  

  • Legislators are being asked this year to help prepare a reform agenda that will better support parents and children, especially where they are caught in high-conflict legal matters, and where any type of misconduct is involved.  To learn more, visit this page on our reform initiative.  This section is under development, but our Capitol is now engaged.
  • Professionals who are committed to adding value for clients are needed. We also involve ethical professionals in the education of both parents and elected officials, and in our mission to help families recover. Please contact us if you are interested in consulting with parents or in educating our policymakers about needed reforms.


Review our full Mission Statement.