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When the Superior Court Clerk speaks up about the wrongdoing by a judge who holds the lives of so many citizens in his hands, you can hear a collective sigh of relief by hundreds of families – parents, grandparents, children, etc. – who have been damaged and fear they’ll have no chance to recover.

Hopefully this courageous action taken by Clerk Cindy Mason will prompt a real investigation into the bad acts seen and heard in Judge Roper’s courtroom, and surrounding so many family law, divorce, child custody and other cases.

The Augusta Chronicle has come out strong in reporting on this story, so please follow the Chronicle for updates:

We also appreciate Austin Rhodes for keeping the conversation going on his talk show and in social media.

Yes, this is the tip of the iceberg, and hopefully it will prompt the District Attorney to take a hard look at all of the available evidence of professional misconduct and criminal behavior in this jurisdiction.

If you cannot get help locally, use this form.

Columbia County Justice Center

Columbia County Justice Center

Listen to the shows, including this interview with investigative reporter Nick Lulli, on Pro Advocate Radio to learn more of the history of professional misconduct in the Augusta Judicial Circuit. also featured Augusta Advocate Cheryl Glover and Guardian ad Litem Julia Bloodsworth.

MAC’s opinion is that Clerk Cindy Mason is in good company is speaking up about what she is seeing and experiencing of Judge Roper’s conduct.

Please keep asking how professional misconduct is harming local families and children, and let us know what you can do to help. It IS possible to turn this around and help families recover, if we work together and act NOW.

Thank you all for your hard work,

Deb Beacham



Call to Action: Investigate Child Custody Cases

Now we know… So, what is the next step?

Professional misconduct is leading to bad outcomes on child custody cases.  

More questions are coming about the appointments and management of certain professionals on these cases.  

Even bigger questions are being asked about whether or not child custody cases were “fixed” and whether good parents and children were harmed as a result.

Our attention this week is on a trial that should not be happening. The child custody experts in this Augusta case decided to restrict and punish an innocent parent, he fought back by doing what he believed was the right thing – using our Court system – and is now facing a jury trial on false allegations. It is clear the Court tends to convict him and put him away so that he and his daughter cannot recover from this.

Please ask how this case relates to the news stories about the misconduct of the GAL operating in this same district who has been guiding case outcomes according to what served his needs.

Specific to the now resigned former GAL and local magistrate judge Doug Nelson, help us ask, “Who knew what and when did they know it?”  That question is asked in all seriousness, as it is becoming apparent that court officials stood by as this abuse occurred.

Thanks to this report in Augusta on a growing number of cases, the justification for opening up these cases is clear.  

Please keep in mind that the women in these news reports, the ones harassed, manipulated and intimidated by this GAL, are not the only ones to lose in these situations and they are not the only ones injured in the underlying cases.  

Some women have lost their children because they would not comply with the demands for sexual favors.  These cases need to be reopened and children returned to the mothers they miss and need. Other women have been traumatized in different ways, which includes some being threatened with jail or going to jail when they tried to fight back for their children.

Good fathers have also been harmed because certain officials stood by while cases were mismanaged and evidence ignored that would have allowed these fathers to have better outcomes, and a better life with their children.  

This story and these issues are affecting everyone. Including the father who is on trial in the Augusta area this week – for what started as FALSE allegations around one of these custody cases in this court district.  Just like the court officials knew that Doug Nelson was causing injury to mothers and to their child custody cases, related officials and custody experts knew that this father is innocent and that evidence and testimony that could exonerate him is being disregarded.

Where there is smoke there is fire…and this case has overlapping issues, meaning this case needs to be halted and this father exonerated due to the professional misconduct involved.  

Get involved, and tells these professionals and court officials and local law enforcement that children, parents and grandparents deserve better than this.  

What will it take to start revisiting the rulings made based on custody reports by this GAL and his associates in Augusta, Georgia?


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