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When the Superior Court Clerk speaks up about the wrongdoing by a judge who holds the lives of so many citizens in his hands, you can hear a collective sigh of relief by hundreds of families – parents, grandparents, children, etc. – who have been damaged and fear they’ll have no chance to recover.

Hopefully this courageous action taken by Clerk Cindy Mason will prompt a real investigation into the bad acts seen and heard in Judge Roper’s courtroom, and surrounding so many family law, divorce, child custody and other cases.

The Augusta Chronicle has come out strong in reporting on this story, so please follow the Chronicle for updates:

We also appreciate Austin Rhodes for keeping the conversation going on his talk show and in social media.

Yes, this is the tip of the iceberg, and hopefully it will prompt the District Attorney to take a hard look at all of the available evidence of professional misconduct and criminal behavior in this jurisdiction.

If you cannot get help locally, use this form.

Columbia County Justice Center

Columbia County Justice Center

Listen to the shows, including this interview with investigative reporter Nick Lulli, on Pro Advocate Radio to learn more of the history of professional misconduct in the Augusta Judicial Circuit. also featured Augusta Advocate Cheryl Glover and Guardian ad Litem Julia Bloodsworth.

MAC’s opinion is that Clerk Cindy Mason is in good company is speaking up about what she is seeing and experiencing of Judge Roper’s conduct.

Please keep asking how professional misconduct is harming local families and children, and let us know what you can do to help. It IS possible to turn this around and help families recover, if we work together and act NOW.

Thank you all for your hard work,

Deb Beacham



Protected: Good Guardian Ad Litem Disregarded by Augusta Family Court Judge

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Augusta Court Fails to Allow Due Process: Children Gone

The rest of the story in this Augusta case is much darker that at first believed. It is also similar to other troubling stories, the damages revealed by families throughout this judicial circuit. When we contrast the order and beauty inside of Augusta National with what is Outside the Gates, it is for this reason: parents are set up to fail intentionally and children are being left in harm’s way, when there was evidence, testimony and opportunity to prevent poor outcomes. This reality is the opposite of what the world thinks of when they hear Augusta or think of The Masters Tournament. This case and others are pulling back the curtain.

Civil or Criminal?

At one time it appeared that Atlanta attorney Kathy Portnoy was properly advocating for her client, one who appears to have not gotten a fair shake throughout this case. The issue featured here in this news report?

A DFCS report was made available to the court by the father’s attorney and used by the judge in reaching a decision as he noted. The problem for the judge was that the report was not made available to the mother and her counsel so that she had a chance to cross-examine the report and be fully informed in her case. The report was never put into evidence and therefore was not supposed to be considered by the court.

If this report had been put into evidence, the guardian ad litem on the case would have been able to refute it, as she knew it was created as a part of the father’s legal team’s strategy to wrongfully cut the mother out of the lives of her children. This issue was resolved when the appellate court agreed that the judge erred in considering this report. [See VIDEO at the bottom of this page.]

The bad news is that it didn’t matter; the fix was in on this case, and the judge gave the father permission to remove the children from the state before notifying the mother. The mother learned her children were gone when they did not get off the school bus. They did not even get to say goodbye.

We now know this was not merely an “error,” and that it was intentional to cause the mother and children this unnecessary trauma. It was also intentional that this mother was not allowed to know what was being said or used against her, denying her right to a defense.

Have you been allowed to know what was being used against you, or to know that all available evidence is being used to support your case? The more news reporter Nick Lulli investigated, the worse this case looked as evidence surfaced – – evidence that was either not being used by the mother’s counsel, or was being ignored by the court.

This is an ongoing and larger story than we first realized, as the court is now expected by the father’s team to force an agreement on the mother, an agreement which is different from what she was considering, and one which she did not sign. Her attorney used up all of her financial resources and abandoned her. The timing on her withdrawal and how her presence was used to keep this mother in the dark is telling.

Court Watch on Augusta Family Court – April 17th – 9am. If the court refuses to allow a continuance as requested by the mother so that she can find counsel to help her navigate and defend her rights, it will become even more obvious that she was never meant to have a fair trial on these issues, or to have a fighting chance at parenting her children.
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How can parents prepare ahead of time to learn the pitfalls in managing family disputes, especially involving children?

Request more information to learn about the hiring the best team for your needs. This case is another glaring example of what can go wrong when you rely on word of mouth and online marketing to make hiring decisions. There currently is no real accountability for attorneys who allow their clients to fail by withholding evidence and avoiding opportunities to prevail, or for others who use special relationships with judges to reach outcomes that are damaging to children and to good parents. This is just “normal” for Augusta and for other judicial districts.