Kids Respond to Divorce Corp.

The Center for Judicial Excellence in California has been working with local and national media to help kids tell their stories.

The premiere of the documentary Divorce Corp. created a new opportunity for these kids to be heard, and for their testimony to be put into context.

We are revealing these here as well as they validate what we are reporting on in Georgia pertaining to family court professionals cooperating with each other to cover up crimes against children.

Many stories like these exist around the country, so My Advocate Center, Inc. is collaborating with several groups around the country to work on reform, to address issues of alienation, abuse that is covered up leaving children and good parents unprotected, false claims that damage both kids and parents, along with many other important issues.

Where you see stories that lead to transparency and support reform, please share and comment on them, and then let us know where you can contribute to the solutions we are working to bring to our country.