Covering Family Court: Take One

Take One

Previous news media coverage reveals that unnecessarily high profits are being made by Family Court professionals who cooperate to cover up crimes against children.  They also profit from enabling clients to commit perjury where an innocent parent is falsely accused.   Whether there is real abuse being covered up or false allegations allowed, or both, these cases need our attention.  This was the reason that Dr. Drew narrated the documentary called “Divorce Corp.” and that My Advocate Center hosted this premiere in Georgia:


In our media library and articles, we incorporate stories that are local to Georgia as well as stories from around the country.  We have pending cases being covered where children are being denied protection and medical treatment, so you can compare what is happening in these cases with what other reporters, parents, and even older children state about what is wrong that needs to be corrected.

What is different now is that we CAN intervene and improve outcomes for children and good parents.  We CAN support ethical professionals who are working to seek protections and recovery efforts.

By learning more about what is happening in these court rooms, looking at the evidence and attending Court Watch events, you can be a part of Turning the Tables on bad practices — just look at the needs of children after heeding the evidence, and your next step should be clear.

More ethical professionals are beginning to identify how evidence of misconduct can be used by law enforcement to prosecute criminal activity, and more attorneys are vetting cases where claims for damages may be available based on the patterns seen in our case studies. Yes, these are strong statements but they are supported with transcripts, testimony from law enforcement officers, healthcare providers, and by using available evidence of both perjury and the blocking of evidence from the record.

Below are just a few samples of previous news coverage on cases that fit these descriptions: