Petition for The U.S. Justice Department: Review Cases

When it is clear that due process is being denied and that professional misconduct exists on cases involving child abuse, domestic violence and/or financial fraud, the best next step is to ask law enforcement to review these cases.

A growing number of cases have been investigated and flagged for professional misconduct, especially Guardian Ad Litem misconduct and misconduct by psychological evaluators who fabricate diagnoses and make false allegations against parents – because it is profitable to do so.

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One of the stories that prompted this petition involves former GAL and magistrate judge Doug Nelson in Augusta, Georgia. The information on Ballotpedia and/or Judgepedia is correct as of March 2015.

This GAL was known by the judges, attorneys and other court professionals to be coercing vulnerable mothers into having sex with him in exchange for favorable custody reports. Those who would not comply lost their children.

Good fathers were also harmed as Doug Nelson gave custody to mothers who were proven to not be stable and able to properly care for children. The opposite of what the children actually need is being done in many of these cases. One news story showed a mother driving drunk with her children, after Doug Nelson recommended she have custody. See our YouTube Channel for more Augusta and Doug Nelson stories.

What is new in March of 2015 is that apparently the court system saw fit in Georgia to re-employ Doug Nelson, after another judge proclaimed after Nelson was caught and exposed, “Sexual harassment is not a crime in Georgia.” Touching and coercing mothers under your control is a bit more than harassment, don’t you think? You refuse sex and lose your children, or your opponent complies and you lose your children… Seems we have a bit more educating to do in Georgia about what constitutes a crime.

“I want the public to know that I think we have a good solid court system here, unbiased judges hearing their cases,” said Wright.

Wright encouraged anyone with proof of corruption to report it to state investigators. Tina Wright and Cheryl Glover founded the Augusta organization Stop Parental Bullying.

More parents and professionals are encouraged to organize as My Advocate Center has supported these Augusta citizens in doing, including in leveraging local news media. If you are seeking guidance in your area for organizing this way, let us know. Pro Advocate Radio is also designed to connect more resources across the U.S. and around the world.