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My Advocate Center has developed a broad range of tools & resources for parents to access and use to resolve conflict.

  • Our protocols and solutions are designed to engage the support of value-added, ethical professionals.
  • We also work to serve law enforcement, and policymakers in providing transparency, answering tough questions previously missing the right data.

News media and other civic organizations may benefit from the review of our case studies, so please request briefings as needed.

Parents: there is NO cost to submit case details for the purpose of sharing information, as this reporting leads to more thorough investigations and news coverage.

Note for Parents Trapped in Litigation:

If your case involves a Custody Evaluator or Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), and you are being prevented from seeing or cross-examining their reports, please select this box: Reporting GAL Misconduct.




“Augusta to Atlanta” — News reports are coming out steadily so please use our Request Form to see if your case is suited to the current investigations.

PARENTS in need of support: Consultations & services are fee-based, reasonable and highly effective.

Savings over what you would spend (or lose) without our support can be significant, and what you can save in time and stress is even greater than the financial benefits of our work.

Pro bono support is also offered when and where possible, but is limited at this time. *Due to the nature of the Atlanta and Augusta area cases — and the high number of these cases — we are serving these areas first.