National Collaboration: Family Court Reform

Thanks to the hard work of many groups around our country and to the investments by people like Joe Sorge of Candor Entertainment (“Divorce Corp.”) and a growing number of ethical and motivated professionals, we are seeing more collaboration around Family Court Reform than anyone would have thought possible a year ago.

Dr. Drew’s voice on these issues has given new life and meaning to these discussions, so we appreciate him and everyone who is sacrificing and contributing to bring the need for reform into the open.

Keep asking, “What IS possible?” and contribute where you can.

Over the coming weeks we will reveal the next steps, and engage stakeholders in plans for larger meetings and discussions.

My Advocate Center is bringing together perspectives and issues from each corner of our society, and working to open minds and foster empathy that will result in more agreements on what can and should change, and how we will get there.  As a part of this process, we ask that you check back with our Media Library to learn the issues affecting others, not just cases like yours, and to see what is happening in other states that mirror your own.

Share these news stories and the video-taped coverage with your legislators, local press, civic and business leaders, neighbors, churches…and ask what they can do.

Regardless of what situation you are in, or where you can serve, we need to come together on getting better outcomes for children.   Focusing here first will help us over time reduce cycles of dysfunction, and will increase health and stability…which in turn can help us improve relationships as adults, between parents and children, and lower divorce rates.

Let’s turn this “Bu$iness of Divorce” into a more humane set of services that actually SUPPORT families and children!