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Momentum.  Can you feel it?  If not, you will.

There is a case you will want to know about as it ties in the reports about this GAL and his predatory misconduct:

Yes, this GAL was removed from cases and resigned from his position recently as magistrate judge, but the damages in his cases remain. Advocates and families are calling for an immediate review of all cases involving him and his associates who helped the Court reach the wrong outcome on many cases.

Columbia County Superior Court will decide if this single mother who serves our military will have to pay fees to opposing counsel – after having had her children removed from her by this very disturbed and dangerous GAL – or risk going to jail for not having the money to pay. You will want to know how this case turns out!


Ask yourself this: would YOU have the money to spend… after losing tens of thousands of dollars fighting for your children, and fighting against several court professionals determined to see you fail? No, you likely would not, and if you had the money, you probably would NOT want to give it to them…

The Augusta district judges are being asked to revisit rulings on more cases, including the one featured on this page.  This is another case where the custody experts caused outrageous fees to be billed while ignoring evidence and undermining – destabilizing and punishing – a good parent. This father has been in jail for months now, when this could have and should have been avoided.  His daughter needs all of us to help him and to correct this situation. The evidence is where the Augusta District Attorney, the Court and other professionals involved can see it and use it to turn this case around.

Back to Atlanta:

Previously we watched this story unfold as shared by 11 Alive News.  CBS coverage laid the groundwork, and more is shown on our You Tube channel to help you get up to speed.

If you are not sure what to think about these stories, watch this video.  Then ask questions about how the problems in Augusta and Atlanta connect, and join in if you want to help solve these problems and turn around these cases. This is what our children, our families and our State deserve!


The premiere of the Divorce Corp. film narrated by Dr. Drew raised eyebrows all over Georgia and invited more investigations into this case and into other cases that were previously misunderstood.  

The reality is that many more people need to know the problems with family law practices before they become trapped in the legal process themselves.

What all parents are starting to realize is that if the evidence of this case can be blocked and ignored, leading to grave and lasting damages to a child, then what might happen in your case and to your evidence?  

This is the question that many are asking, regardless of gender, background or financial status.  “Will the facts of my case or my evidence and testimony matter in determining what happens to me and my children?”  As we can see clearly in a growing number of Augusta and Atlanta cases, the answer is NO, your evidence likely will not count if you are seeking protection.

The family involved in the case covered by Atlanta news media has been caught in unnecessary litigation for years. More detail was revealed about this story reported on by The Daily Report.  

If you only read this article you would not understand what really happened in this courtroom and behind the curtain of hidden influence.  Nothing made sense to the followers of this case until they saw the evidence presented and blocked, the testimony pushed out the door, and saw the details of the billing records exposed.  The verbal testimony of the custody experts confirmed that they would not go against the father or his attorney no matter how overwhelming the evidence was that real abuse and felony misconduct had occurred.

If you know anyone experiencing problems with family court professionals regarding child abuse or domestic violence, this is a good story to understand even if all the facts are not reported in the above article.  When you have the rest of the story, it will put many other cases and wrong outcomes in perspective.

Watch this video to gain more perspective on both Fulton County cases involving actual, proven crimes against children, and about why it was important for the national debut of this film to happen in Atlanta, Georgia.

The bright side?  It is safer now to say you were treated badly in the Family Court system because of the press coverage, the attention of legislators, and what happened to you is being experienced by people from all corners of our society.  Because more people have been strong enough to speak out and to reveal evidence, and because of bold attorneys and healthcare experts like Dr. Drew and Dr. Karin, we have broad-based support to improve Family Law.

Read here why Dr. Karin Smithson got involved.  We appreciate the AJC and Access Atlanta for this uplifting story, and Dr. Karin for making a difference in our community.

All News Radio 106.7 interviewed Dr. Karin to learn more about the impact on families and children.  The medical and psychological community have been outraged at the fallout on health and mental health.   After you listen to these segments aired, you can also see the dialogue between @DoctorKarin and @DrDrew on Twitter. #DivorceCorpChat via @MyAdvocateCentr.

More to follow on our big announcement this Monday!

Press interviews are ongoing, more cases are presenting with compelling evidence, and more professionals and whistleblowers are coming forward to help.


Want to know how you can help “Turn the Tables” on bad practices and damaging outcomes?  Just ask!