Children & Parents Abused by GALs, Attorneys, Judges

My Advocate Center, Dr. Drew & Divorce Corp. call out the Bu$iness of Divorce

My Advocate Center, Dr. Drew & Divorce Corp. call out the Bu$iness of Divorce

The national premiere of the Divorce Corp film narrated by Dr. Drew set the stage for more discussion about exactly how certain professionals put profits over the protection of children.

The word “abuse” and the idea that certain court professionals are the ones causing the abuse are not easy for most people, or for our leadership, to look at let alone digest.  This is why the misconduct and damages are escalating, because virtually no one has paid attention let alone reported in a way this could be understood.  So, over several years we have researched, organized data and are presenting the issues in a way never done before so that we can now make sense of it, and take action.

This Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia case is a prime example.  It also has a lot to do with why investigative reporters are pursuing evidence and details, and why reform initiatives are being discussed.  Please note that while all cases may not be like this one, much of the damages in other cases can be attributed to the same factors, meaning professional misconduct and judicial abuse.

If you understand the hidden influence, the profits made from concealing the evidence and truth, and how the special relationships caused laws and ethics rules to be set aside, this may bring clarity and a chance for recovery in other cases or situations.

Watch these videos to learn about the money made and some of the facts that were kept off the record thanks to the blatant cooperation between the father’s attorney, the highly paid custody experts and the judges involved over time.

It took several professionals earning hundreds of thousands of dollars working together to keep this child exposed and at risk, with police and other professionals blocked from helping her and her mother.  True, substantiated story.  Tough to watch, but important to both support and learn from.

Fathers who have been falsely accused:  people who have been unaware and unaffected by these issues are coming to understand that this is widespread, and affecting everyone.

If these same court professionals can profit from covering up crimes against children, then you can imagine how easy it is for them to also lie about your innocence, and to use YOUR situation to profit from as well.  * If they can get police to drop investigations and dismiss evidence of actual guilt, is it possible that they can also use their influence to profit from false allegations?   Please take the time, take a step back from your case, and look at the conduct of certain professionals on a variety of cases.

This first video is one of several news stories on this case:

Click here to read the full story by CBS Atlanta’s Jeff Chirico.
CBS Atlanta News




The video above alludes to the evidence and testimony suppressed and ignored in this case.  The outcries of the child were that horrific in the courtroom, when played for the court after the child repeatedly asked for help.  This was real and not manipulated, and there was no financial incentive or motive or benefit in having the court hear this evidence.  It was simply ignored.

This last video is the press interview related to the world premiere of Divorce Corp. in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  It is important for viewers to SEE that real abuse is happening and being ignored, that it is at least as profitable for these select court professionals as the false allegations that so many are up in arms about.


 Susan Boyan