Insiders Speak Out

More than a few judges, court staffers, attorneys, psychologists and Guardians (GALs) have come forward.  Individually and collectively they are saying that the hidden misconduct by certain professionals and judges has gone on for too long, and it is time to work together to make this stop.

The problems we are reporting on are not isolated incidents, and are not the imagination of parents and children.  These problems are not to be blamed on “parents who just can’t get along” because most of these cases bring evidence that could be used to straighten out parents, and to protect children.  The evidence just isn’t being used for that purpose;  it is being ignored and suppressed so that “parental behavior” is worsened, and then used to cite as the “issue” leading to the wrong outcome.

It is taking the voices of professionals like this judge to show the news media, public and legislators that we are ready for solutions, including reform from a legislative perspective.  These voices combined with our data collected by multiple researchers and analysts over a number of years are what is effectively driving reform and change.

There are many more professionals making statements and recording video of their experiences, and revealing evidence of intentional misconduct.  It is our hope at My Advocate Center that malpractice insurance companies and plaintiffs lawyers are paying attention and gearing up for what is to come.

If you are a true leader in family law or a related profession, and ethical, these are the messages you want to be understanding.   Then use what you’ve learned here to find a way to contribute – in your own way – to restoring the public trust and the integrity of this system.



After you hear the reports from the Whistle-Blowers, including those interviewed in the Divorce Corp. documentary, it helps to put the trial work of attorneys like Georgia’s Lisa West into more clear context.

If attorneys like Lisa West did not recognize the misconduct of other court professionals, and didn’t stand strong to make evidence and rules or laws count, then the outcomes of these cases would be worse, and it would be harder for the public, press and legislators to see what is really happening.


Lisa West in this video below explains why it is important for Georgia to reveal the records and activity of Judge Lane in Fulton County. If you have experienced an outcome that did not make sense based on the evidence and facts of your case, this is an important video to watch — wether you are a litigant or a professional: