Center for Judicial Excellence

One of the strongest organizations focused on the issues of Judicial Reform and the harmful impact on children and good parents is the CJE in California. Visit their new website here:

Their videos and many resources are making waves in California, as is their coalition that spreads even beyond the U.S.

Please watch this video and keep in mind when you attend a Court Watch event in Georgia or another state, or read our case studies.  The issues and patterns are very similar, and in some cases identical as if the judge and custody experts are reading from a widely distributed script.

There is much more to learn from on CJE, including the “Kids of Divorce Speak Out” series that is also shown on our website.  If you visit our YouTube channel, you will find our subscription to these videos.  And as with My Advocate Center, CJE is focused on cases where good fathers have been targeted to lose their parenting rights, and not are solely supportive of mothers’ issues.  This is about using evidence to reach the best ruling for children and about keeping good parents in the lives of their children.

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