Judicial Bias and Special Relationships

Fulton County provides an easy answer to the question being raised nationally about how judicial rulings are impacted by certain lawyers and their special relationships with select judges.

Fulton County Superior Court, Judge Lane presiding over cases where evidence is ignored.

Fulton County Superior Court, Judge Lane presiding over cases where evidence is ignored.

The words “certain” and “select” are important to note, as it is not all attorneys, judges, etc. who are cooperating as revealed in our reports and news stories.   If you would like to contribute to the national polling taking place on this problem, or have data that can be used in our case studies for legislators and news media, please use the form on the “Contact Us” page.

The Usher case is one of several that reveal the same pattern of judges cooperating with lawyers and their select custody experts to keep available evidence off the record.  Judge Lane, attorney John Mayoue, psychology professional Dr. Barrie Alexander and Dr. Howard Drutman were involved in this case.

Local news media investigated and exposed that there is more to this case than what may appear on the record.   Other cases being analyzed by My Advocate Center support the allegation that things are not as they should be, and that this problem is leading to damages to children and to good parents.

How are things “not as they should be,” you ask?  If you look at who the counselors are at the onset of cases, and look at the available evidence, you might wonder why the case was not settled early on and without great expense, or why the evidence was not immediately presented to the court, or why law enforcement and appropriate healthcare professionals were not involved.  CBS46 News

In many cases, select custody experts and psychological or psychiatric professionals are engaged, but their diagnoses and reports do not match up with the facts and evidence of the case.  This activity helps to reduce exposure for someone who has addiction or violence problems, or who may be paying extra to hide evidence of financial or other intentional fraud.

It takes cooperation between certain attorneys and judges, and the involvement of select custody experts who will falsify reports to make this process flow as it does.  In the meantime, good parents and children are left unprotected, prevented from using the family’s resources, and further destabilized.

This could all be prevented and the damages avoided, if the right legal and healthcare professionals are engaged on the front end of the case.

But where damages have occurred, and it appears there was cooperation in keeping out the facts and available evidence or testimony, it is now possible to get answers and support in addressing these issues.

If you are in this situation or have the ability to contribute to solutions to these problems, please click on the “Contact Us” tab above.