Media Coverage Reveals This is NOT just happening in Georgia

…if you live in Texas, or New Jersey, or Timbuktu…someone there could say the same thing to you.  What goes on in Family Court is SO bizarre, that you tell yourself that this must be a first…and that your case has to be the worst one of its kind.

So this station in El Paso is telling the tale of two fathers.  Watch this story, then turn your attention to the father in Augusta, Georgia who went to jail, arrested on a felony charge, for a civil contempt in going to see his daughter at school.  He is forced to go out of state to work in a few days, since this court took away his work truck, work tools and is ordering him to pay fees as described below.

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There are dozens of compelling blog posts, and videos on You Tube, including clips from California investigative  reports about the mishandling of child custody cases, especially where child abuse exists.  How can this be going on in the numbers we are seeing, yet there is so little coverage on the problem?  Let’s come back to that a bit later as it’s a longer answer.

Why are these cases increasing in number?  Because they are profitable for attorneys, custody experts and, yes, even certain judges.  These cases are profitable because a scared parent will spend more money and follow along blindly out of desperation to save their at-risk child.

Better than that for those who stand to be paid, in cases where the GUILTY parent has large amounts of money to spend, these cases are a gold mine.  These situations, according to our case studies, also are driven by a desire to hurt the other parent using the children, and this party can afford to pay to have evidence suppressed. 

This is one scenario where “Pay to Play” is obvious.

All it takes is for an attorney with no conscience or moral compass to use his access to the Judge through special relationships, and a client with deep pockets to then pay his chosen custody experts for recommendations that serve the alleged perpetrator.

This is what a Connecticut lawmaker said, “My constituents have been having to pay $75,000, $100,000 and more for GAL representation, just so that the people in the system can make money. If the court system is not working, we have to fix it.”  More on CT exposure in the press here:!/article/1518048186

This is done so frequently in Georgia that you can almost guarantee a client’s guilt by which attorney they hire…then, predictably, this attorney uses the same GAL’s, Custody Evaluators and “Reunification Specialists” to dictate the outcome of the case in his client’s favor.  This attorney and those like him make sure that the expert they choose to do psychological testing finds something terribly wrong with the parent they have pre-determined to be the “losing” party.  This is but a glimpse into how the charade works.

This pattern played out recently in a high-conflict, high profile “celebrity” custody conflict, and because certain professionals were involved it was almost too easy to reveal the truth behind the rulings. It is why My Advocate Center was invited to join the case to help bring it to a swifter and more balanced resolution.

It is amazing that this has been going on for years, and that we can show from old cases to recent and pending cases that this same pattern is followed – but almost always with the healthy or innocent parent coming out the loser, and ALWAYS with the children experiencing more abuse or witnessing more violence, addiction or other dysfunction.   It NEVER fails that there is more harm to the children involved.

There is so much data and clear evidence in the Metro Atlanta area alone on this – the fact that thousands of children are being injured further in this process and as a result of this misconduct – that this post could run the length of a football field.  Easily.

This particular video provides added perspective to the stories we are working on here in Georgia, as reported on by Jeff Chirico of CBS Atlanta (videos hosted on our Facebook page).  Only in this California story a former Family Court judge spells out in simple terms how she was “trained” and guided to go along with what these attorneys wanted.

Once you get your head around the fact that certain court professionals will say and do what they need to in order to justify making extra money by depriving a child of protection that is clearly needed, or by depriving a loving parent of their right to nurture and provide for their child, please look at your case and others to see what you can deduce from the record and rulings.  This is why we use the #NeedforGreen hashtag on Twitter via @MyAdvocateCentr.

Then use the Contact Us form to let us know how we can help.

No, you aren’t alone, and, YES, this is happening to both mothers and fathers and to all kinds of families regardless of skin color, socioeconomic status, location, religion, etc.  You may be made to believe things like, “That Judge is CRAZY,” or “this Judge just has a bias against mothers…” or is “He is unhappy with you because …” (just fill in the blank – it doesn’t matter).

More stories exist than we have time to link here, but you get the idea.  If you can stomach one more, or need more convincing that perpetrators are getting help from Court professionals to continue the abuse, then click here.

Whether you read or watch further, or engage our services or not, do your homework BEFORE you hire professionals and report abuse.  This is one of the few times in your life when “word of mouth” referrals, even from trusted friends or your family Doctor, will NOT cut it – not enough to roll the dice with your children.

Expensive and well-known, or even “Influential” as in known for being on television shows or on book covers, or named on that special website, does not guarantee that you will have counsel who is honest with you, loyal to you, or committed to helping to protect you or even your children.  Learning these lessons too late can come at extremely high price tags.

These issues inspired an investor and media personalities to put this to film.  In January we hosted the national premiere for the Divorce Corp. documentary, and now more news stories are appearing all over the country showing the truth about parents separated from children when doing so was not necessary.