Whistle-Blower Testimony

Across America more professionals are speaking out about what they witnessed in family court, how they stood up to others engaged in misconduct, and what it cost them and the families involved.

My Advocate Center and other groups like the Center for Judicial Excellence are recording this testimony, while working to support those speaking out.   The collection of experts motivated to speak out and use evidence to drive change is exciting.

If you have been in this position and have information to contribute, you will be helping us work with legislators and other stakeholders to leverage your experiences for reform, and to help families recover.

This is the perfect way to turn a negative, draining experience into something positive.

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Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia:

A court insider shared that what Judge John Goger did on this child molestation case is not that unusual, but wrong on every level.  No one should be able to buy their way out of child molestation and child porn charges – not with this kind of evidence.   But Judge Goger was at least correct on one statement made about this case to the Daily Report.

Fulton Superior Court Judge John Goger said, “Simply put, this was a case that did not have to go to trial.”

In many ways this is true.  The father initiated the court case that invited professionals to use their influence to cover up crimes against a child.  These crimes were substantiated, and the police investigator came to court to testify but was sent away by Judge Goger.  It was not necessary to allow this particular father to use an “Emergency Hearing” to have the court take this child from her mother when the CHILD was making outcries for help.  The police and doctors believed her.  But the select professionals brought into the case by the father’s attorney…well, it’s not that they didn’t “believe” her — it just was not on their agenda to protect her.  Their job was to protect the father.

To punish the mother for working to defend herself and protect her child, and for hiring a new lawyer committed to this protection, the Court put the financial burden on her so that she would be unable to appeal or do more for her child.

The point here is that there are more court staff willing to speak and validate this is happening on more cases than this one.

If the State of Georgia will address the retaliation and intimidation tactics being used against those who stand up to these practices, more whistle-blowers will come forward.

It is important for the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the State Bar and our legislators to see the facts of these cases and to allow the freedom to speak safely, and to peacefully appeal rulings when it is clear that there was foul play, as in this case.

Read more: http://www.dailyreportonline.com/id=1202635308078/Mom-Must-Pay-%24195%2C000-in-Fees-for-Custody-Battle%0D%0A#ixzz2rRrWRlj8