Movie Premiere: Exposing the “Business of Divorce”

Finally… Watch as Dr. Drew tells the story and exposes the sad state of the “Family Law Industry.”

We all know that divorce is a mess.  Actually, it’s a lot worse than you even imagined!

This shocking documentary premiered in Atlanta, Georgia at the Lefont Theater in Sandy Springs this past January.  We had a sold-out theater, with three television stations and print media attending.  One of the highlights was reading the statement in support of reform by one of our local legislators, and this can be seen in our Press Release section.

If you’ve been following My Advocate Center, learning from our news stories or joining us for Court Watch dates, you’ll know already, but the bottom line for too many is this:

The truth, evidence and laws do not count.  What children need does not count. Leaving parents in the position to give their children their best?  No, that does not count either.

  • The wrong outcomes are being paid for and promoted by certain family court professionals.
  • Foul Play Tactics and “Pay to Play” rule this scene.
  • What makes sense to our citizens, i.e. what children actually need and what good parents are capable of…seem to not factor in to what some attorneys and custody experts do, or what certain judges decide.

In this powerful documentary, Dr. Drew, trusted by millions, shows how the ending of a marriage is exploited as a REVENUE OPPORTUNITY in the worst sort of “industry.”  

My Advocate Center, Dr. Drew & Divorce Corp. call out the Bu$iness of Divorce

My Advocate Center, Dr. Drew & Divorce Corp. call out the Bu$iness of Divorce

In January we hosted our launch event, featuring both the Divorce Corp. documentary along with a compelling video of evidence being suppressed in Fulton County.  As a part of this event we had local experts and advocates speaking in a Town Hall format to provide the perspective not given anywhere else.  We heard from attorneys, healthcare professionals, parents and from other advocates.  Everyone agrees that we know enough now to work together to do something about these damaging trends, and the fraud that is happening right under our noses, in our own backyard.  

Having a national media personality and psychologist like Dr. Drew, along with local psychologist, author and speaker Dr. Karin Smithson, made a big difference in putting this documentary and the evidence into the spotlight.  We are now taking action and engaging key members of our society to help us create solutions that will be sustainable, so that our children and grandchildren never have to learn these things can happen.

This film exposes the true nature of the $50 BILLION industry which is managed, as one father put it, so that “They get the money; we get the misery.”



Divorce is bad enough on its own, correct?  Why stand by and allow certain court professionals to make it even worse?

 Don’t just listen to the sad tales or read on the Internet and in Social Media — the trauma and fallout from this divorce and child custody business are begging for investigation and action.  To learn how we are working to solve this crisis, email us here.

Should you care?  Should you care enough to use your time and influence this way?  The Damages to Children are staggering, so YES – you should!


Finally a movie that shows the reality for far too many parents and children.

Finally a movie that shows the reality for far too many parents and children.

Watch this film with us, then take the next step: protect yourself, your kids and grandchildren, and our communities.  Help us RECOVER.

Professionals: To all engaged in assisting families with legal, psychological or financial issues and conflict, if you believe you can better serve and provide solutions with how you manage clients, cases and evidence, know that you are needed.  Please do join and help shape this discussion!

My Advocate Center  is helping to drive a national campaign to Turn the Tables on certain family court practices, and on professionals who are hurting rather than helping our families.  Reading and talking is just not enough anymore; it’s time to connect resources and relationships, and take action.

We can’t stand by any longer as children are being subjected to extreme stress – as their parents are destroyed and cut off from them without cause – which leads to the cycles of addiction and violence worsening.  Even if you have not been personally impacted by divorce or child custody wars, you should see that the family law industry is escalating the mental health crisis in our country.

This is about more than the physical and financial damages, while those are also extreme.  You can read more about why we are meeting and discussing solutions HERE.


Parents and grandparents cannot know the devastation that awaits them until it is too late, so we are seeking to change that and to guide as many as possible into recovery and prevention. Currently we are meeting with legislators and civic leaders to reveal case studies and the solutions that will help restore balance to Georgia families and help to protect and provide for children.

If you are fed up with families and children being exploited by certain professionals who appear to control our Family Court system, let us know!

It is well past time for transparency and accountability.

You can now watch this trail-blazing documentary on by contacting us for a private screening.  We can help you connect with the right professionals, and then help our community of parents and children recover.  We need your voice and participation to help prevent more of the same.

If you are a parent, grandparent, concerned citizen, business owner, policy maker, educator, first-responder or any professional serving families and the family court, you will want to see this movie. Prepare to be moved into action!

To help put this film and our plan into actionable steps, we engaged a few noteworthy speakers from the legal, healthcare & financial services community to help guide.  This group of thought leaders now continues to grow, and we will schedule a follow-up event to continue the discussion with our community.

Do connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, watch videos and the news stories on our YouTube Channel, then share so that we can work together faster to save more families and children.