Huff Post Live Responds to Divorce Corp.

Huff Post Live and other social media outlets are doing a great job of continuing the discussion started by Dr. Drew and the Divorce Corp. documentary.

Hopefully more people will start to understand and continue this dialogue started by Huff Post Live and Divorce Corp’s Director Joe Sorge.


The next segment gets into more detail about some possible reform options, including having more jury trials in “high-conflict” cases.  Regardless of the options presented and the complications revealed, everyone agrees that it’s time to address the family court system and to work together on reform.

There are comments here from angry parties who seem to think the “bias” is one-sided and affecting men more than women, so we will follow up to show the reality in the gender discussion soon.  For now, please know that the fallout is as bad on both sides, and that the common denominator is the professionals in the middle.  Parents need to take responsibility, but without professional accountability and transparency on how these cases are handled the situation will continue to worsen.