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2014 Initiative in Georgia Legislature

BREAKING NEWS:  Georgia State Representative Margaret Kaiser announces Family Court Reform is a Priority

MAC-Statement by House Rep Margaret Kaiser 140109

Georgia is clearing the path for families seeking to resolve conflict.  Minus unnecessary expense & trauma.

Georgia is clearing the path for families seeking to resolve conflict. Minus unnecessary expense & trauma.


“Family Court Reform Legislative Announcement, Town Hall & Protest Rally”

M-E-D-I-A  A-L-E-R-T

Press conference to announce new Family Court Reform legislation and bill sponsor.

At 6:30 PM today in Sandy Springs, over 100 victims of the now $50 Billion divorce industry will rally at the LeFont cinema and attend the world premiere of the documentary film “Divorce Corp” which is narrated by “America’s therapist,” Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The film opens in 16 US cities on tomorrow, but My Advocate Center of Atlanta was granted the exclusive premiere event tomorrow to shed light on the first major state legislative effort to reform the injustices of family court.

Background Info immediately follows the town hall details below, and the official press release is attached, it has a hotlink to the movie trailer.


WHEN: Thursday 1/9

  • 6:00pm protest
  • 6:30pm  Town Hall with press and audience Q&A
  • 7:15pm  Movie Screening of “Divorce Corp.”


Lefont Theatre Sandy Springs, 5920 Roswell Road, 30329


Announcement of new Family Court Reform legislation to be introduced in the upcoming General Assembly

COURT PROTESTERS known as the “Greeniacs” for their lime green protest gear will be outside the theatre before the screening carrying signs and chanting against Fulton County Judges & Professionals who have recently returned children to the custody of their sexual abusers.


  • Deb Beacham, Executive Director of My Advocate Center which has been providing case counseling to Georgia parents and tracking family court corruption in multiple counties in that state. My Advocate Center is working with legislative leaders to introduce reform measures in this general assembly session which starts next Monday.
  • Dr. Karin Smithson (Chipper Jones’ ex-wife) like Dr. Drew is an interventional psychotherapist. Her patients include victims of child sexual abuse and domestic violence and those dealing with the issues that lead to divorce. She has witnessed what happens which judges order children to undergo the pseudo science of “Reunification Therapy” (disavowed by the American Psychological Association) and the aftermath of the destabilizing effects of the court system.
  • Lisa Y.S. West, a family law attorney who gained national recognition for representing the ex-wife of Grammy artist Usher Raymond. Ms. West has also famously gone to battle with judges and her peers for corrupt practices and has exposed the critical dysfunctions of Georgia’s courts in the process.


A $50 Billion industry has formed around divorce and custody battles. As a society, we are not going to cure divorce, but there is a new nationwide reform movement that aims to reform family court law so that the process does not bankrupt and permanently destabilize families.

It is well known that attorney fees can be quite high on a case-by-case basis. What has heretofore gone unrealized is that the court appointed professionals such as Guardians Ad Litem and Custody Evaluators can also cost families 10’s of thousands to over $100,000 per case.

As a result family assets become attached to pay for the accumulated legal fees. That renders both parents unable to provide for their children in the manner for which they had worked, and too often one or both parents wind up at or near bankruptcy. This sets parents up to fail on issues of child support, healthcare and has a permanently destabilizing effect.


This week a groundbreaking film opens in 16 cities. It is called “Divorce Corp.” and it is narrated by acclaimed, interventional psychotherapist Dr. Drew Pinsky. Even though divorce and custody are not in his “wheelhouse”, once he was presented with the facts of how unethical the industry has become, and how it leads to addiction and other abuse, he became the voice of this issue.

This Thursday, My Advocate Center of Atlanta has financed the world premiere of film with a one-time-only screening the day before it opens in other cities across the U.S. A press conference and a town hall meeting will be held in the theatre immediately preceding the film. The experts assembled include:

By the way, it might also interest you that some women’s groups have organized a boycott of this movie because they feel like it weighs to heavily on father’s rights.


MAC-Divorce Corp Release with Movie Clip


ATLANTA, GA (Thursday, January 2, 2013) — Divorce statistics in the United States remain staggering, and the explosion of filings has resulted in a new $50 billion market that, like other relatively unregulated industries, has resulted in systemic abuses. The new documentary film, “Divorce Corp.” narrated by eminent therapist Dr. Drew Pinsky tracks cases across the nation to exposeroutine practices by family court judges, lawyers and court appointed professionals that breach ethics and, in some instances, rise to the level of public corruption.

The movie opens this month in 16 American cities. My Advocate Center (M-A-C) is hosting the world theatrical premiere of “Divorce Corp.” at Atlanta’s LeFont Theatre on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 6:30 PM. Established as a community service organization to support child custody dispute resolution, M-A-C has been tracking family court cases. Executive Director Deb Beacham said, “Divorce is a reality, but it should not bankrupt and permanently destabilize families. This film provides a platform for an important national dialogue that advocates around the country have wanted for years.”

The movie has generated a significant amount of controversy on its own. Some women’s rights organizations maintain that it weighs too heavily on father’s rights issues and some have called for a boycott of the film. “We do not disagree with many of the concerns expressed by some of the film’s opponents, but we feel this is a great opportunity to bring many voices to the table to have a very important dialogue,” said Ms. Beacham. “The need for reform is dire. Working together on that goal will preserve everyone’s rights and, more importantly, serve the best interests of the children who are too often used as pawns in the process.”

My Advocate Center is organizing a town hall in the theatre immediately before the January 9 Atlanta screening. It will include a moderated discussion with family court attorney Lisa West (who gained national media attention for representing the former wife of Grammy® winner Usher Raymond) and psychologist Dr. Karin Smithson, a ChildKind honoree. The panel will address key topics raised by the film and answer audience questions.

Fact sheets on the film, the issues presented, the narrator Dr. Pinsky, the panelists and My Advocate Center are available at . You can watch film trailers and learn about the producers at  AMC Theaters will be showing the film around the country as well: