Sexual Misconduct In Georgia: Cover Ups and Pay to Play

Billy Joe Turnage, chairman of the Union County Republican Party in northern Georgia, was arrested after police responded to an ongoing rape that had been seen on Skype.

Georgia just can’t help it when it comes to sexual predators and wanting to be seen in the news.  Or is it that sexual predators just have an easier time with help in avoiding prosecution? Either way this news coverage of sexual misconduct and attempted assault or actual assault is critical.  

We want to bring your attention quickly to a major problem for victims and for our state’s leadership:  

First, victims often do not get the support or protection they need, or the crime isn’t called a crime until the victim is nearly dead. Maybe this incident will make a difference since even though police say the victim was “not physically injured.” Thanks to this assault being caught on Skype, Billy Joe Turnage has been arrested and charged with aggravated sexual battery and criminal attempt to commit rape.

Please follow this story to learn what happens after these initial reports die down, especially after the election is over and the general public loses interest in political news.

Why should the public stay on top of this story?

Because other sexual assault victims in Georgia, and victims of other types of assault or exploitation, are not getting justice or even protection in many cases.


The New York Daily News and other major media outlets are digging in to learn whether this is the norm in Georgia, or was this aging now-former official just that stupid on top of being willing to commit the criminal act of raping a woman?

“A Georgia Republican official is facing criminal rape charges after he broadcast on Skype an alleged sexual assault attempt, according to a bombshell report.

Billy Joe Turnage, the 76-year-old GOP chairman in Union County in northern Georgia, allegedly tried to rape a 39-year-old woman in her house — and he televised the disgusting act on the Internet, according to the North Georgia News.”

 On this AJC page covering the Georgia election updates, more is explained about how this went down – or actually went UP, as in on the air:

“Oct. 22, dispatch received a 911 call at approximately 4 p.m. of what was believed to be an assault and rape,” Sgt. Osborn said. “It was being viewed via Skype. Deputies responded and I responded as well.”

Ryan Mahoney, a spokesman for the state GOP, said state party officials have received no communication regarding Turnage’s status. Any effort to remove him would require action at the local level, Mahoney said. A picture of Turnage and David Perdue, the GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, is on the Union County GOP Facebook page. It’s not likely to be there long.

Correction: the Union County GOP Facebook page is GONE!  So apparently that is one way to rid yourself of pesky photos of predatory pals.