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My Advocate Center and the families and children we serve need your support.

Giving is easy, and you can start here using PayPal. This option is not currently tax-deductible.

My Advocate Center, Inc. is a Georgia Non-Profit Corporation and does not currently have its 501c3 status. Contributions made now will help this mission succeed, so we appreciate early adopters who understand the urgency.


We have options! You can give to the mission because you want to see it grow, and if you opt for a tax-deductible donation, please contact us for options through our 501c3 partner.

Either way your contribution supports the work we do with law enforcement, local/state leaders and with professionals to help restore and preserve family stability, health and peace.

We cannot argue that family values are being eroded and that families are losing time with their children, and that our children need us more than ever!

Have you or someone you know felt like a victim of a cumbersome, expensive, confusing family law situation? 

We answer questions and develop SOLUTIONS to problems experienced by virtually everyone in these situations.

Unfortunately it Young Hispanic boy trying shoes at shoe storeis not that easy to focus on our children, our homes, our jobs and our health while being distracted and even misled at times.

We face challenges, including those presented by other family members and by those who want to waste our time and money. We refer to these challenges as unnecessary problems.


Your donation also helps maintain the momentum we have going with Pro Advocate Radio, the Voice for Families, Advocates and Professionals who uplift the Needs of Children.

  • Children deserve the best that both parents have to offer, so everything we do is checked against this objective.
  • Families deserve our support in helping them preserve their resources for the benefit of their children, their health, their ability to work and maintain homes – and their civil rights, including but not limited to parenting rights, freedom and freedom of speech. Resources include time, money, energy and emotion, ability to be peaceful, co-parent, and to be productive in our communities.
  • Serving families and children this way makes economic sense for our state, for our businesses and government agencies, on top of being the right thing to do.
  • We can be profitable doing the right thing.  

Visit this link on iTunes to see what we have recorded and aired so far on and read more here to learn why My Advocate Center created and sponsored this show. Health Visitor Talking To Mother With Young Children



How do I put my money to work for my own family?

If you would like to contribute but are also focused on saving money, please check out this simple solution!

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Working together to meet the needs of children and to restore balance for our families and within each community will lead to a brighter future!

Thank you for your support and endorsements,

Deb Beacham, Founder of My Advocate Center

A Brighter Future