If you feel you are in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1.

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If you need shelter, please contact these organizations:

  • Women’s Resource Center To End Domestic Violence 24 HOUR HOTLINE: 404-688-9436
  • Atlanta Children’s Shelter  404-892-3713
To learn more about counseling for a husband or father struggling with anger/control:
  • Men StoppingViolence (Decatur, Dekalb County, GA) 404-270-9894
  • Family Violence Intervention Programs: click here.

If you want to find a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia who can help you and your children deal with your crisis, please email us and submit our New Client Intake Form, or click here for a listing of industry certified professionals.

* Please note that M-A-C does not condone or tolerate false allegations of abuse.  If you are damaged or in danger, please seek help immediately & make sure you engage the professionals who will properly document your evidence and fight for your protection.

If you are NOT being victimized and your children are not experiencing abuse or witnessing violence in your home, then please be fair to both your spouse and to those victims who truly need aggressive advocacy.  False allegations hurt everyone and do not help your outcome.


A short list of attorneys have met M-A-C standards for representation in divorce and custody disputes involving domestic violence, sexual abuse or the unique circumstances of high net worth households.  Not all legal counsel is equal when it comes to serving those embroiled in high-conflict disputes.


Please email to learn more about the financial advisors who have met M-A-C standards for pre-divorce counseling and forensic accounting.