Child Abuse: Family Court is Making This Worse

There is much to develop in this section, so please check back soon.

Please start educating yourself about how prevalent child abuse and child molestation are in our society.  No, it’s not really something we want to think about and shouldn’t have to, but if we don’t the problem will continue to escalate out of control.  It actually is out of control, so we need to support groups that address this and who offer solutions, like the organization based in Georgia called Voice Today. This organization has been featured on CNN, and has been present at one of our Court Watch events to witness how Family Court is contributing to the damages to children.

Most of us do not realize how this problem is worsening with the help of certain Family Court professionals, however, until we enter into a courtroom and see the compelling evidence that money can suppress.  Evidence is being suppressed on cases where real abuse is ruining the lives of children and good parents, and it is also happening where innocent parents are being condemned.  It works both ways.  


Our Court Watch events are not just scheduled for mothers and abused children, but more of these cases are brought to us for this purpose. There are also too many cases in each county to schedule a Court Watch event or to share the details of each, so do not assume that a case is not important or being followed if it does not appear on our list.

It is unfortunately very profitable for attorneys, judges, and for certain child custody “experts” to cooperate with each other to keep evidence of abuse out.  Follow the #NeedforGreen hashtag on Twitter to look for more on these issues and news stories.

When we use the terms “certain attorneys” or “select custody experts” we are referring to those who profit from leaving children unprotected from real abuse, as well as to those who profit from keeping out evidence that could exonerate an innocent parent.  Sometimes these professionals are the same ones who “play” both ways.  It is merely a game to them, until they are being watched, which they clearly do not like.  Sign up to attend Court Watch events, and take careful notes, as they do not want the press and authorities, or the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, to see what is done in court that may not later appear in transcripts.  Always get the transcript, but do not rely on this recording to document everything that is said and done in Family Court.  It is not yet safe to do so.  

Pay attention to which attorneys are presenting, or blocking, key evidence and testimony, or which GALs are “spinning” the facts and evidence of each case. They may support the use of false allegations on one case, while denying evidence on another case that is desperately needed by a child begging for help.

Jeff Bogart, thank you for taking so much time to read each part of this website. Please do share with your partner and GAL Susan Hurst, as child porn IS a strong indicator that a child is at risk with that parent who downloads and views [large volumes] of it. We realize it is not your job to protect the children. …and, just like it is not Jim Holmes’ “job” either [even though he is being paid $160,000.00 as the GAL] to consider evidence of molestation or child porn, according to him.  

Our question to you and your peers who believe this is just fine, is “If you can’t or won’t consider hard evidence of child molestation and child porn when a child is at risk and asking for help (and in need of medical treatment), then what else is being ignored and what other damages are allowed to so freely occur?”  What else are we missing?

But don’t stop reading now.

Through Eyes of a Child

Through the Eyes of a Child: what it’s like to a child asking for help, denied protection, and afraid of being punished further by their abuser














Topics to be developed here:

  • Accusing a parent who is trying to protect a child from real danger of being an “alienator”
  • Interference with criminal investigations, as in getting your “custody evaluator” to tell the police that the children are “not credible” even when DFCS substantiated their claims
  • Telling parents not to have a child go through a forensic interview because you will claim they have “tainted” the case
  • Having a GAL decide a child’s fate when there are substantiated allegations of abuse, and the GAL has not even met the children
  • Burying the parent financially so that they run out of options for protecting their children
  • Leaving out evidence that could end a case quickly and protect the parent and child from harm
  • Preventing a molester [or other very sick party] from being evaluated and treated, in the face of clear evidence & overwhelming testimony
  • How these same professionals are using their influence to harm good parents by supporting FALSE allegations, again when there is evidence to support that parent’s side of the case.
  • The damages to children when you do not use evidence to protect them, and new crimes are then committed.  
  • Where news media are making a difference, and Court Watch supporters are making a difference
  • What can we do as parents, professionals, policymakers and state to address and prevent more of the same?