Frequently Asked Questions

The number one question we hear is, “Where was this information when I needed it before?!?”

My Advocate Center’s founder researched when in need a few years ago, when trapped by two attorneys who were not capable of telling the truth, and could not get the right answers either online or offline.  Not by spending any amount of money.  Knowing what we know now, it isn’t a surprise that it took years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn what all parents need to know.   Bringing this experience and insight to the public is a game-changer.

We have to turn this around, as the fallout from the lack of truthful disclosure is too great for most people to handle.  Fortunately because of all the exposure and the national collaboration with a number of groups of both parents and professionals,  this is starting to change.  Information is becoming readily available, and consumers can search, learn where to ask, and then see the difference between ethical, committed counsel and those who are not.

My Advocate Center is committed to featuring the right resources, including the most value-added, ethical and talented professionals in each jurisdiction.  One state at a time.  If you would like to bring a satellite office to your state, please contact us.


What is the difference between My Advocate Center and other organizations claiming to offer help for families facing conflict?  

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Where does My Advocate Center fit in for someone who is new to the Legal System?

M-A-C exists to reveal what parents wish they knew before entering the legal system.   Then to make the dispute resolution process more fair and less emotionally charged for all parties.  If parents can resolve conflict faster and lower stress, they can preserve resources – including their time and the relationship – for the benefit of children involved.

This serves our goal of having children positioned to receive the best that both parents have to offer.

My Advocate Center offers a collection of experts and resources to give individuals a way to know they are on the right path and in good hands when entering into or navigating through a legal conflict.

Where there are children involved we provide parents, counselors and elected officials with clear, actionable insight into how to improve the child-custody process to serve the true best interests of the child.

Because the needs of children are too often considered last, or even ignored, we put a strong emphasis on supporting cases where children are involved. It is in this child custody area of Family Law where there is the most negative and lasting fallout.  This is true simply because the nature of the legal process, and the money to be made by prolonging conflict between parents, combine to provide the perfect storm.  See “A New Agenda” for more on this unfortunate reality.

Is there a charge for services, materials or a CourtWatch?

Our professionals and experienced consultants offer an array of services that can either be based on a flat fee agreement or billed by the hour.  Our Intake Process is very involved so there is a charge, but we offer this on a sliding scale.  A small number of cases are taken per month for assessments and guidance on a pro bono basis, but that does not extend to legal work at this time.

Is there a group to join for discussion on reform, or just to learn from other parents and professionals?

Yes, for professionals, please visit the Counsel for Change on LinkedIn.  Parents and supporters, if you want to join our Facebook group, please use the contact form here and we will follow up.  We will start online discussion groups soon as we head toward our national conference on reform.