Getting Started

Knowing what to do first and where to turn is not easy, so please realize that we exist for this purpose:

To help you learn what our team and so many parents wish they knew before filing.  So, you are at least one step ahead by virtue of having found this website.

Divorce is hard enough, and is something to be avoided if possible, but if it is pending then we want you to be prepared and to be in a position to recover as quickly as possible.

Counseling and guiding you to the right resources, then helping you use your resources wisely, are what we do best.

We insist on value-added from our professionals, which to us means helping you not only make the best decisions, but also helping you minimize stress or uncertainty, while preventing the unnecessary loss of time and money.  If you are a parent, then value-added means positioning you to be able to give your children the best you have to offer both during the process and over the long term.

Contact us here when you’re ready.