Psychological Counsel

Yes, this section is under development, and this area of service is also the most under-utilized, or actually undermined, service needed by families and children in the process.

Psychological and medical professionals need to take a more proactive role in advising parents and people in general about what is possible, what is available to them and why it is needed.  We consumers do not know what we don’t know, so we’re going to spend a lot of time on this subject and continue engaging the healthcare community in the problem-solving debate around family court practices.

My Advocate Center, Dr. Drew & Divorce Corp. call out the Bu$iness of Divorce

My Advocate Center, Dr. Drew & Divorce Corp. call out the Bu$iness of Divorce

This is why Dr. Drew Pinsky’s involvement in this project was so critical for us.

What we can tell you for now is this:

If you enter into a legal conflict around divorce and child custody and you do not have a psychological or spiritual counselor on your team, find one BEFORE you start interviewing attorneys.  Yes, we have solid recommendations for you to choose from.

The more you understand about your own needs before you start trying to understand the legal process and what you will go through, the better you can react and make decisions.  You will be less likely to be taken advantage of as well by professionals who are more interested in your finances than in your well-being.

If you have a counselor and doctor you are comfortable with and are not looking to make a change, do not let court professionals tell you that there is something “wrong” with your current healthcare providers, or allow them to tell you which providers the “judge might like better, or listen to in a way that will help you.”  Just say no.  Our case studies will explain why.  Watch our videos for now, or email us if you are unsure of how to respond in this situation.

If your children are happy with a therapist, and there is no valid reason to make a change according to your pediatrician or other credible source, do not be swayed by an argument that the $250.00 per hour therapist in your attorney’s “close knit circle” will be better for your case.  We have yet to see one of these do more good than harm.  10494_1280x800

When you are sitting down and the subject comes up about selecting a custody evaluator, stand back up and leave to go do your own due diligence on the names provided to you by counsel.

Please email us now if you have pressing concerns about the professionals, including custody evaluators, on your case.