Healthcare Home Base

Health issues are too often passed over when people seek help with tough decisions around marriage or co-parenting.

There may be a mental health issue that creates conflict to begin with, but too many people are uncomfortable with asking for guidance around mental health.  Blame and avoidance are easier to manage than doing research and consultations that may force someone to face a diagnosis or a treatment plan that actually involves work.

Self-awareness is something we are not counseled enough on, and as a society we don’t deal well with “high conflict” personalities, or bullies.

But the reason we are asking parents to take a “time out” or a step back from hiring legal counsel is that doing this kind of work is actually less challenging and less expensive that following blindly a dark path through the court system.

This is the current situation:

If a “mess” between people becomes bad enough, they seek legal counsel first.  It may be just to “explore options” or to get reassurance, and the intentions may not be bad.  It may just be a desire to be cautious that leads someone to a lawyer.

Due to the nature of Family Court, that may not be the best first step.  There is so much we could learn about ourselves and how we manage conflict, if we just knew the right path to follow and the best resources to use.

In developing My Advocate Center, we decided there was no better time than the present to create a better path.

Our data shows that too many parents skip the health-related aspects of their situation and get referred to someone who makes their business out of increasing and prolonging conflict.  When this happens, that person’s health or the health of their spouse or children can take a back seat.

This is “Home Base” because there has to be a starting point, and a goal for parents to see as they transition through and out of conflict.

Of course with the baseball analogy, you know how important good coaches and umpires are…so let’s factor that in.

Should the only coaches and umpires be those who profit from keeping parents from reaching Home Base?

No, we don’t think so either.

There are many committed and talented healthcare professionals who are kept out of the arena where parents become embroiled and trapped.   With a clear path to follow and better access to ethical healthcare providers, we believe that parents would experience greater clarity, less over-reaction to conflict, less trauma and faster recovery periods.

We all know now thanks to the press coverage about the divorce industry that the system we have is terribly flawed and there is too much room for bad practices to prevail.  Our mission involves a different approach to counseling.

Our belief based on years of collecting data on family law professionals is that there are a greater number of ethical counselors outside of the typical family law names you’ll see if you ask around or look on the Internet.  That includes looking up anything related to the Bar Association in your state.  Unfortunate that this is the case, but it’s time to say out loud that the emperor is grossly naked.