Yellow Ribbon: Military Parents Ask to Bring Their Children Home

Watch this video first. Then ask our parents, active duty and veterans, what “Yellow Ribbon” means for them.


Next, imagine you are a parent serving in the military, but you get divorced… and during the divorce you are told that you cannot have custody of your child “BECAUSE OF YOUR SERVICE” to your country.

Being in the service has been challenging enough…and divorce is grueling enough…but now your life has gotten unexpectedly worse. Much worse because this is about your children!

Instead of having the kind of welcome shown to parents by children in this video, you are further traumatized because you are now being alienated – cut off – from your child. DENIED.

If you have not experienced this…you cannot fathom the trauma and the loss any more than you can fathom losing a leg to a hidden land mine. This has been an unspoken horror to many in the military, along with many parents you see every day in your community. But to deny this to someone who has fought so that we can have these rights and freedoms we enjoy…you have to ask, “WHY?”

Yes, this devastating form of loss is happening to military parents in our Family Court system, and there have been no resources until now for this issue. Until now, no one could explain the intentional infliction of pain and suffering…

This is not only happening to fathers returning from service, but to mothers as well. What say you? 

We have seen the phrase “Yellow Ribbon” for decades and know that it heralds an expected return of a loved one…the coming home to rest, to be comforted from war. So for our purpose, we are asking that you help us bring these children home to our military parents who need us to join forces with them. 

The true story that prompted us to start this page is about a mother who is an Army veteran.  Based on all the evidence and facts we could obtain, she did nothing wrong to cause her to lose her rights to her child.  She did not lose her child, either, because the father was more “fit” or even interested or available.

She is just like many other mothers and fathers who are experiencing this same bizarre and abusive treatment by certain Family Court professionals. Children are being removed from good, loving parents on a regular basis, including those who can and want to provide – – and some are told it’s “because of your service in the military.”  BE OFFENDED BY THIS.

Two of the mothers in our Augusta cases are military mothers, and one is active duty – – and they both need and deserve our support!

Both of these mothers were victims of the guardian ad litem we now know is a sexual predator, the former magistrate judge and GAL named Doug Nelson. The former spouse of one mother even lied about having a Purple Heart, but the GAL helped to suppress evidence of his misconduct…since this mother would not comply with his wishes. BE OFFENDED BY THIS EVEN MORE.

These are great mothers, and the fathers who have lost custody are deserving as well, but now our focus is on turning the tables…on turning these cases around. #Stand4Heroes #YellowRibbon4Kids

If you are facing these issues and would like to request support, or are interested in serving our military parents on these cases, contact us here.


Honor Veterans throughout the year by helping those who have lost their rights around parenting their children - just because of their service. #YellowRibbon4Kids #Stand4Heroes

Honor Veterans throughout the year by helping those who have lost their rights around parenting their children – just because of their service. #YellowRibbon4Kids #Stand4Heroes


Worth repeating:

It makes no sense to take a child from a healthy parent.  It makes no difference whether the loss is to a mother, a father, to a veteran or to active-duty service men and women. There is simply no excuse. 

This mother is fighting back; and the evidence, facts and laws support giving her the chance to turn this situation around and to restore her relationship with her child.

We want her and many more parents – and their children – to have this chance, so sign this petition, and then ask what more you can do.

My Advocate Center has a growing presence in family law cases flagged for professional conduct, especially where the needs of children and the rights of parents are denied. So we can say with conviction and credibility that the answer to “Why is this happening” is simple.

This mistreatment of our veterans and active duty service men and women could have been avoided if the court professionals involved were as committed to upholding their duty.  

Should we expect any less of these “professionals” who are sworn in and committed to upholding our laws and to protecting our civil rights, which these veterans fought for? They make significantly more money, and take virtually no risk…while they repeatedly put profits over protection. BE OFFENDED.

How our military parents are being treated in these child custody cases rises to a new level of wrong. Professionals who are not conducting themselves properly need to be held accountable, and we are now seeing a new “civil war” starting to brew as parents of all kinds join forces to fight back.

Help us honor the service and sacrifices made by these military parents by contributing to support this campaign to restore their children, and to help them recover.

So many parents are being told insane “reasons” for why they are losing their rights and their ability to nurture their own children.  

Until recently there was nowhere to go with these statements, court orders, transcripts and results, at least nowhere that it seemed to matter or that would yield a response.  

Of all the nonsensical reasons we have heard for reaching the wrong ruling on child custody, “You can not have custody because you are in the military” has to be one of the most offensive and wrong we’ve heard.  

In this mother’s case: the father was also serving in the military and could not care for the child, so his parents kept the child without allowing her mother to know the father was gone, and then the Court gave custody to the grandparents and denied the mother all of her rights, and violated court rules and laws in the process. The grandparents “won” custody, but rather than help ensure a healthy bond between mother and child, they have worked with Georgia court professionals to completely alienate the mother and push her out of her child’s life.  This was profitable for those court professionals. BE OFFENDED.

Remember, this started with, “You are serving in the military, so you cannot have custody of your child.”  Do NOT forget those words, please!

Can you imagine how you would feel or what you would do if you heard those words?

Get involved to help this parent and others like her bring their children HOME.  It is possible, and the time is now. Get involved – – Yellow Ribbon for Kids is coming soon.