The Business of Divorce vs The Legalized Mafia

What if…

What if we were talking about a small peaceful town where people were thriving in their places of business, in their homes & around providing for their children?  Life is good!  But something happens…

The new mafia moves into the town and puts themselves in charge of the citizens.  They don’t look or dress like the guys in the Sopranos, so you don’t expect what happens next.

They make new rules, tell the business owners & parents they are “in trouble” – either they have done something wrong or something is being done TO them.  So, they are in need of services to protect their property and children and to feel safe again, and only these new “bosses” can handle this for them.  Nothing about what happens makes any sense, but it is clear that the people are losing their rights, their money/businesses/homes and even their CHILDREN.  They are coming unglued – under duress & breaking down in grief.

They can’t believe that anyone would do these things to them and their children intentionally – none of it really appears to be necessary and even seems cruel at times – but it is happening, and they feel paralyzed not knowing where to turn.  They are being told many things to cause confusion, even hearing conflicting statements from one week to the next.

A few people decide to fight back and turn things right side up again – they want their lives, their children and their town back.  They realize now that they never had to give in and give up control.   But it’s not so easy…

The bosses refuse to let go of control and their new-found profits, so they stamp out those who take a stand.

They keep changing the rules and accuse anyone who speaks up of being “crazy” and unworthy of protection regardless of their innocence or how much money they’ve spent to be protected.

This is exactly what is happening with our Court system in Georgia – but only where people are vulnerable, uninformed and unprepared.  These bullies pick on anyone who has any type of weakness that can be exploited, if they have anything at all that can be taken in the process.

This is the “New Mafia” and we are the “disposable” citizens selected by these bosses to take the hit so they can profit from their control over us.  This may sound overly dramatic, but it is actually very familiar to many who have become trapped in the legal process because they didn’t realize they were engaging the wrong professionals at the onset of legal conflict.

You may be familiar with the Kids for Cash scandal – or read this post to better understand the parallels with this family court situation we are describing.

Can you imagine being subjected to this?

No, Rebecca and our staff couldn’t either.  Neither could the hundreds of parents right here in our own backyard who have contributed to the knowledge-base of My Advocate Center and their case studies.

More about the Rebecca’s story can be found in “The  Throw-Away Client” available soon on Amazon and other outlets.  More case studies revealing other ways clients are being exploited and damaged will be released soon.

If you are a professional involved in the legal or family law communities, then please use what is within your reach to improve the landscape – to help clients and their children avoid loss and recover faster.