Kids for Cash Scandal – Family Court Parallels

When you first heard that kids were being tricked into taking deals and heading to jail, when this was unnecessary, and that a judge was being jailed for profiting from this “Kids for Cash” scheme, you surely didn’t dream that this could also be happening in our Family Court system, did you?

Please just read this excerpt or the entire article linked here.

Then learn more from our case studies, or better yet, come attend certain hearings and read related transcripts and final orders to see what you need to see.  We will gladly let you reach your own conclusions.  Email us via our Contact page, or see Facebook for Court Watch dates.

“When the kids-for-cash scandal erupted in 2009, evidence mounted that Ciavarella railroaded juveniles through the tersest of court hearings, violated state court rules by failing to inform them of basic rights, and funneled the young defendants to the for-profit detention centers. A jury convicted Ciavarella in February 2011 on 12 of 27 counts, including racketeering and conspiracy. He is serving a 28-year prison sentence. Conahan pleaded guilty in July 2010 to a racketeering charge. He is serving a 17½-year prison sentence.

All juveniles adjudicated or put in placement by Ciavarella between Jan 1, 2003 and May 28, 2008 are eligible to receive damages, the settlement says. Those who were placed in PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care are eligible for more damages, but the specific amount that will be paid to each plaintiff has yet to be determined.”

My Advocate Center weighs in:

Do you believe that juveniles are the only ones vulnerable enough to be “railroaded” through court hearings, or to have rights denied in violation of rules?  Do you believe that where these court professionals were found guilty of profiting from this conduct, that others may be as well?

What if you realized that similar things were being done in plain view to both parents and to their children?  What would you do?

Would you allow those certain professionals to continue disguising their conduct in a shroud of legal mystery and “emotional divorce” uncertainty?

To better understand this from the victim’s perspective, how Kids for Cash played out in court, read this interview that is announcing the movie on this incredibly horrible – but real – story.

It’s all obviously just about money for certain judges and other court professionals, so if we don’t stay on top of these stories and connect the dots on the fraud happening all around us in our court system…it will continue being just about the money, and not the damages to children and families.  

#NeedforGreen means we are asking press, legislators & the authorities to focus on the money being earned by suppressing evidence and exploiting children and other vulnerable parties.