What Have I Been Missing?

If you are new to the negative drama that surrounds much of Family Court, then consider yourself fortunate!

Because there is so much fallout from legal battles, especially around the emotional matters of divorce and child custody, our team started asking questions and looking for solutions.

My Advocate Center seeks to take the negative and diminish the fallout, while building up the solutions that will leave families and children – and our state – in a better place for both the short and long term.

Follow updates on Twitter via @MyAdvocateCentr using these hashtags: #NeedsofChildren #ChildCustody #ImproveFamilyLaw & #GAFamilyCourts.  There are a lot of ways that each of us can work on improvements in how family law matters are handled, but now that we are in a legislative session, we have to ask everyone to focus on reform.  As we have news to share, we’ll use #FamilyCourtReform so that you can follow progress.

Why use your Social Influence this way?  Because children deserve the best that each parent has to offer.   Each family’s resources should be preserved for the benefit of the children, even with a divided family, rather than drained away by unnecessary litigation or by stress-inducing tactics and foul play such as false allegations.  That is not possible when good parents are treated the way we are seeing in these cases.

What can you do to help?  Take notice and demand the full story be reported, and demand that the facts of the case be properly represented in Court and reflected in rulings.

Recently we attended the Emergency Hearing on a child custody situation involving the well-known star Usher Raymond and his former wife Tameka Foster Raymond.

The press covered what Usher’s attorney wanted them to see, but for those who are not privy to what goes on behind the curtain, much was missed.

Reality: the mother of two very young boys was caught in a trap of lies that many other parents in Georgia are also hearing.

What happened in this case – using lies and false reports and other foul play – is actually pretty similar to what goes on in many cases.  But you would not understand if you didn’t know what to look for.

The point here is that this can happen to just about anyone, and on all kinds of cases.  You don’t have to be a celebrity, or wealthy or any particular race or gender to be targeted to lose as this mother was in this case.   The hard part that many still cannot get here is that you also can be the one with the big bank accounts and influence…and still be targeted to lose.  There are NO guarantees of honesty or loyalty, no matter who you are or what you spend.

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