What We Do


We intimately understand the emotional toll divorce and child custody cases take on all sides of the dispute and how parties can feel like they are being held hostage by a system unfairly stacked against them. That is why M-A-C providea the following suite of services to parents. Click here to learn more:

  • Coaching
  • Referrals to  M-A-C-qualified professionals
  • Case Management


Child custody cases are impacted by dozens of professionals who, because of the rapidly changing social and legal landscape, need help to stay current on the thought leadership, public health advisories and legal protocols that will maximize the safety of the children involved.  Contact us to learn about workshops for the following:

  • Law Enforcement and First Responders
  • SocialWorkers, Guardians Ad Litem, Marriage and Family Therapists, Court Appointed Child Advocates
  • Divorce or Family Law Attorneys


M-A-C provides guidance to public policymakers by leveraging current research and introducing innovative resources to improve the public safety aspects of the dispute resolution process. M-A-C also works to ensure that existing certification standards and regulations are applied consistently across jurisdictions. Contact us to arrange a briefing with one of our leadership team members.



Please consider that not all family conflict or conflict with professionals or law enforcement means engaging in litigation.  

Where it is possible to resolve conflict using common sense strategies and open communication, we believe that should be explored. You may be surprised to learn what is possible outside of a courtroom.