Covering Family Court: The Setup

My Advocate Center is introducing a series of news stories and trailers to help you see the harsh, devastating process that our families are being put through when dealing with conflict.

This is a well-coordinated effort to Turn the Tables on bad practices and on those profiting from a family’s vulnerability and loss.


For now, please watch this interview with Dr. Drew about why he got involved with the Divorce Corp. documentary, as this may help you understand our mission.

Our mission is even more critical as there are thousands of children begging for help, but the family court professionals – as revealed in this film – are escalating conflict and denying parents the right to protect, provide for and nurture their children.

Please let us know how you would like to contribute in helping to prevent more crimes against children and good parents.  Visit our MEDIA GALLERY FOR MORE VIDEO & STORIES if you need more incentive!



This California story reveals how a former judge is using her experience to help prevent more of the same.  Judge Salcido is working there the way a special handful of attorneys, GAL’s, and former judges and court staff members are working here in Georgia.

Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV