Why My Advocate Center?

What is the difference between My Advocate Center and other organizations claiming to offer help for families facing conflict?  

Why is a specialist group needed by both mothers and fathers engaged in legal conflict?

The reason is simple: not all professionals are as committed to serving your needs and your family’s needs as you might believe.  There are great, talented professionals who will fiercely advocate for you and your family, but they are not always the most repeated names in family law circles.  If you do not do your homework, you may not find the right counsel for your situation.

That is the difference My Advocate Center makes – we do the due diligence on both professionals and practices – and help ensure that both parents and professionals are empowered to do their best.

Everyone facing any kind of legal conflict – whether there are children involved or the financial stakes are high – should better understand the process.  Parents should know that accountability and value can be achieved with the right professionals and the right preparation.  More importantly, if you have seen the news about damages to children resulting from professional misconduct, you should know that it is now possible to ensure protections are provided.   MAC was founded because of a clear need for transparency on these cases.

My Advocate Center offers a collection of experts and resources to give individuals a way to know they are on the right path and in good hands when entering into or navigating through a legal conflict.

Where there are children involved, we provide parents, counselors and elected officials with clear, actionable insight into how to improve the child-custody process to serve the true best interests of the child.

Because the needs of children are too often considered last, or even ignored, we put a strong emphasis on supporting cases where children are involved. It is in this child custody area of Family Law where there is the most negative and lasting fallout.  This is true simply because the nature of the legal process, and the money to be made by prolonging conflict between parents, combine to provide the perfect storm.  See “A New Agenda” for more on this unfortunate reality.

Where does My Advocate Center fit in for someone who is new to the Legal System?

This topic of “family law pitfalls” is a bit sensitive, so it is difficult to learn ahead of time what you need to know.  Most people regardless of their professional status have no reason to become aware of what can happen if you choose the wrong attorney.  Many are just not as strong or as well supported as they need to be in this process.  No one finds out what can happen until it is too late.  But that is changing now.

Unless there is a big story in the news about a celebrity or a terrible disaster, you will not see coverage or exposure of the reality in Family Court.  But the truth is that few are untouched by the negative fallout of child custody battles and “messy” divorces.   This applies even in divorces where there are no children or with children who are grown. It is a matter of vulnerability and uncertainty, so our team works to reinforce strengths, eliminate mystery and help litigants make the best choices.

M-A-C exists to reveal what parents wish they knew before entering the legal system.   Then to make the dispute resolution process more fair and less emotionally charged for all parties.  If parents can lower and resolve conflict faster, they can preserve resources – including their time and the relationship – for the benefit of children involved.

This serves our goal of having children positioned to receive the best that BOTH parents have to offer!