Reduce childhood trauma. Improve safety and family stability. Give children the best of both parents. Disrupt cycles or patterns of dysfunction. Ensure healthier outcomes.

These are the reasons My Advocate Center was founded by Deb Beacham and why researching and reporting are so important.

Solutions-based journalism not only helps inform and raise awareness, but also invites collaboration to solve the problems holding back our families and children, while undermining what is good about our legal system.

If you believe we can and should do better, please read on and connect with My Advocate Center here and on social platforms.

My Advocate Center’s position is that we can do better by promoting transparency and due process in court proceedings, serving to protect the public and the integrity of our legal system and enforcement and protective agencies.

We can do better in restoring the public trust by sharpening our focus on professionalism, on professional ethics and on accountability measures. A lack of focus in these areas is not acceptable when the result is failure to protect children and the loving, safe parents and other family members they need. A lack of focus is no excuse for causing or prolonging childhood trauma.

How do you resolve conflict in your family?

Do you have the right support, or are you unsure of what that means to you and your children? Do you even know what the right support looks and feels like?  That’s ok…most people do not know, at least not when they first engage in our court system.

Working out problems in litigation is not as safe, especially for your children, as you might think. That’s why we urge leadership to support this U.S.House Resolution explained here. Please read, share and contact your state’s Representatives. Become informed about conflict resolution before trouble begins. Read and learn more about how to keep yourself and your children safe, and how to prevent and reduce trauma for your entire family. It’s possible

My Advocate Center seeks fairness & honesty. Due Process.

The question of “how do we do better?” is one of the reasons we sponsor Pro Advocate Radio, which launched on Business RadioX in Atlanta, Georgia, January 2015. Pro Advocate Radio aired on an FM station covering Metro Atlanta, with a global reach online through early 2016. We are gearing up for our next series of broadcasts and working on increasing the coverage area.

Increasing coverage means that more people will be able to learn what IS possible in counseling and conflict resolution, and more professionals will be featured for their good work. This show is not for the timid, but rather for those of you committed to seeing protections and rights afforded in family and juvenile court, and to seeing our laws upheld. Our children are counting on us to get this right.

Pro Advocate Radio features a range of topics but all focus on improving public safety, uplifting professionals who serve with integrity, and solving problems, especially those impacting vulnerable citizens. Please contact us here for more information about topics, guest appearances and sponsorships.

If your conflict has entered the Family Court system, you probably realize there is more going on than you can manage alone. Our experts are here to help clarify and direct you to safety. 

You may see or hear that Justice is out of reach for many exposed to our legal system, even when paying large sums to professionals referred to as “highly regarded” in this field. This is a highly complicated and confusing territory but you don’t need to manage this alone or without insight and information from a source you can trust. 

Our experts and tools can save you valuable time, energy and financial resources; see what we’ve learned from years of research, investigations, and reporting.  Prepare before entering the family court system! The process which families are guided toward, we now know, often carries out Justice in a way that the public is unprepared for at best. Now that we know what the pitfalls are, we can help you navigate around them by making more informed decisions.

Is there something we can do about this?

We believe the simplest, most straightforward answer is always to focus on the real needs of children, and we know that they need the best of both parents, access to loving, safe family members as well as support from healthcare providers and schools. If anyone or anything is impeding this care and support, a red flag goes up and we ask for investigations.

My Advocate Center_Book Review B

      • Solving the problems described here will take more than raising awareness & showing the damages caused for good parents and children.
      • Teams are forming to develop solutions that will increase public safety, improve stability for families & children, while serving to preserve or restore health and peace of mind.  
      • My Advocate Center’s approach to teamwork: highlight what is possible when working with the right professionals, using available evidence / testimony, ensuring that laws / rules are upheld.
      • The right professionals are those who are committed to adding value, demonstrating integrity and ensuring loyalty to clients. 
      • They work to resolve conflict rather than prolonging and worsening it. They also work to provide transparency rather than discourage it.
      • The professionals My Advocate Center engages and invites to review cases and to speak are those who work to see the family prepared to move on in a way that actually serves the children well, meaning their safety and peace of mind are top priority.
      • With the right team around you: preserve your resources [including your time and energy] for yourself and your children.
      • True teamwork with professionals who add value means that we allow the children to have the best that both parents have to offer.

How do we get there from here?

True guardians protect the hearts of children and serve their real needs over all else.

We have studied cases across Georgia, comparing the issues and evidence to those in other states, and can draw the same conclusions: we need clear options for families to avoid unnecessary loss due to professional misconduct.

We need a way for parties to avoid clearly harmful, dishonest practices that too often exploit the entire family’s vulnerability, leaving parents and children in worse shape than where they were found.

We need a path to help our judiciary avoid becoming undermined by or entangled with unethical practices that cause harm; and, we need a way to uphold the good work of law enforcement and child protective agencies.

You likely cannot even fathom that this was going on, can you? Unfortunately, this is our reality. But it is not too late to intervene and to correct this situation.

Some glaring examples of bad practices are seen in the Augusta judicial district, including the GAL and attorney misconduct that led to good parents being damaged on a growing number of child custody cases. Visit our YouTube channel to learn from the news reports on these cases.

My Advocate Center has dedicated this site to not only explaining the issues faced in family court, but to creating a better path for parents to follow, and one that better serves the real needs of children.  

There are many places to go to learn about problems parents have with each other, or about damages resulting from mis-handled family court cases.  Now through My Advocate Center there is a common ground, or a neutral platform, for both parents and professionals to work together to solve problems in our court system. Help us resolve conflict more safely and cost-effectively.

The ultimate goal? To see our children set up to succeed in school, at home and in life!

Who can benefit from My Advocate Center’s involvement in family conflict resolution?  

  • Parents who are facing a possible legal conflict, click here to request information.  
  • Legislators are being asked this year to support new policy that will better support parents and children, especially where they are caught in high-conflict legal matters, and where any type of misconduct is involved.  To learn more, visit this page on our reform initiative.  
  • Professionals who are committed to adding value for clients are needed. Please contact us if you are interested in consulting with parents or in helping to educate our policymakers about needed reforms.

Review our full Mission Statement.