Justice in Georgia

When the endorsement of Judge Kathy Schrader by my Georgia non-profit corporation was announced in social media during the primary election leading up to the June 9th victory, so many great stories were surfacing about her leadership and integrity that it was impossible to report to you about every interview and statement at that time. The stories are remarkable and need to be heard well beyond any political campaign.

This video of James, a father who would be in jail over incorrect child support claims but for Judge Kathryn Schrader, is one of my favorite stories that came out of months of getting to know this community better. Listen to what James has to say about his experience with Judge Schrader and how she saved his life (James’ words).

What I learned through observing and studying the professionals who have appeared in Judge Schrader’s courtroom and argued on behalf of parents and others drawn into litigation is that this is a jurist who upholds the law and who sets the best example possible for other legal professionals. There is much to learn and share about the many ways this happens, but you should know that it matters a great deal to our community and to our state how judges treat the issues, the people caught in conflict and how judges interact with the professionals appearing before them. It will make or break you if your judge believes in “Justice for All” and follows through on that belief. I know.

For the days ahead, as Gwinnett County nears its runoff election date of August 11th, with the judicial race joining a few others in heated battles, I’m going to focus on what professionals, parents, people in treatment and news media outlets are saying. Of course, I hope you will listen to Judge Schrader herself as her voice is the strongest, the reason we need her to remain on the bench in the Superior Court of Gwinnett County.

The legal news source, Daily Report Online (an ALM publication), reported that Judge Schrader is prepared to continue hearing cases very soon.

Schrader, who voluntarily stepped aside while her case is pending, said she is prepared to get back to court “as soon as I am reelected.”

This is great news for all Gwinnett residents and for the lawyers guiding clients through often treacherous legal territory.

The statements printed in the Daily Report as Judge Schrader’s responses to questions asked by the managing editor Jonathan Ringel include promises made and kept by Judge Schrader. These statements below are supported by the testimony of litigants, lawyers and advocates from across Gwinnett’s community as seen on Judge Schrader’s video channels and social media. The proof of her leadership and integrity come from people who have experienced the positive and even extraordinary outcomes.

Upon taking office, Schrader said she promised to treat litigants in her court with “honor, respect, equality and dignity” and endeavor to disrupt “cycles of abuse and violence.”

“I delivered on those promises and more,” she said, noting her work in Gwinnett’s accountability courts. She most recently presided over the Parent Accountability Court before stepping away from her duties last October as the criminal case against her neared trial.

Another compelling and informative interview with Judge Schrader was aired on Gwinnett RadioX, hosted by Rick Strawn on his show “Case on Point.” If you want to learn a lot directly from Judge Schrader in a short period of time, this is a great place to start. Listen to the Business RadioX podcast on Apple or by clicking on the video below.

Thank you for spending time learning about what Justice for All means and why I believe Judge Kathy Schrader should be re-elected and supported with everything we’ve got!

Deborah Beacham

Child Safety Must Come First by US Representatives

Great news for children and parents being denied protection from domestic abuse, who are often harmed during prolonged child custody litigation.

Please read, share and contact your state’s leaders to join in with their support of this House Resolution No. 72.

Georgia’s children and parents are especially vulnerable, as hundreds of cases across the state now prove. Television and print news media and several independent journalists have documented professional conduct in what is referred to as “sensitive” cases, including by filing Rule 22 Requests to Record judicial proceedings.

The big deal about the conduct being documented is this: the way many Georgia child custody cases are managed often puts children in harm’s way as they are given to the parent most likely to cause stress or injury.  It is hard to fathom if you can not see it firsthand, but sometimes court professionals, including child custody experts, go so far as to deny children and adult victims of domestic abuse protection and even necessary medical and psychological care.

If you live in Georgia, you can find your U.S. Representatives here. Please encourage your representatives to read and support this resolution. And, in Georgia, learn how you can encourage leadership to keep our courts and court records open and accessible.

As these cases are usually cloaked by a veil of secrecy, and speaking about what is happening to the family is frowned upon and outright discouraged, it is critical that journalists are not restricted in recording judicial proceedings or in obtaining case records.

Both of these issues, policy to improve child safety and rules governing the ability to record judicial proceedings, need your attention.

Thank you!

Child Safety and Child Custody in House Resolution 72 / Bipartisan Support by Deb Beacham on Scribd

Call to Action: Investigate Child Custody Cases

Now we know… So, what is the next step?

Professional misconduct is leading to bad outcomes on child custody cases.  

More questions are coming about the appointments and management of certain professionals on these cases.  

Even bigger questions are being asked about whether or not child custody cases were “fixed” and whether good parents and children were harmed as a result.

Our attention this week is on a trial that should not be happening. The child custody experts in this Augusta case decided to restrict and punish an innocent parent, he fought back by doing what he believed was the right thing – using our Court system – and is now facing a jury trial on false allegations. It is clear the Court tends to convict him and put him away so that he and his daughter cannot recover from this.

Please ask how this case relates to the news stories about the misconduct of the GAL operating in this same district who has been guiding case outcomes according to what served his needs.

Specific to the now resigned former GAL and local magistrate judge Doug Nelson, help us ask, “Who knew what and when did they know it?”  That question is asked in all seriousness, as it is becoming apparent that court officials stood by as this abuse occurred.

Thanks to this report in Augusta on a growing number of cases, the justification for opening up these cases is clear. http://www.wfxg.com/story/25437114/advocacy-group-calls-for-re-opening-of-custody-cases  

Please keep in mind that the women in these news reports, the ones harassed, manipulated and intimidated by this GAL, are not the only ones to lose in these situations and they are not the only ones injured in the underlying cases.  

Some women have lost their children because they would not comply with the demands for sexual favors.  These cases need to be reopened and children returned to the mothers they miss and need. Other women have been traumatized in different ways, which includes some being threatened with jail or going to jail when they tried to fight back for their children.

Good fathers have also been harmed because certain officials stood by while cases were mismanaged and evidence ignored that would have allowed these fathers to have better outcomes, and a better life with their children.  

This story and these issues are affecting everyone. Including the father who is on trial in the Augusta area this week – for what started as FALSE allegations around one of these custody cases in this court district.  Just like the court officials knew that Doug Nelson was causing injury to mothers and to their child custody cases, related officials and custody experts knew that this father is innocent and that evidence and testimony that could exonerate him is being disregarded.

Where there is smoke there is fire…and this case has overlapping issues, meaning this case needs to be halted and this father exonerated due to the professional misconduct involved.  

Get involved, and tells these professionals and court officials and local law enforcement that children, parents and grandparents deserve better than this.  

What will it take to start revisiting the rulings made based on custody reports by this GAL and his associates in Augusta, Georgia?


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