For Professionals: Client Management Services

Why does M-A-C belong on your case management team?

We have the experience and insight needed to make a difference for both professionals and parents where both are determined to reach the best possible outcome for the family – not just one parent but both, because that is what is best for the children involved.

If you as a professional would like to be able to focus on your speciality and to have other issues filtered and managed in a way that allows you to do your best work – leading to greater client satisfaction and increased referrals – then we can help.

You can expect the highest level of service in relationship management from our staff.

Integrity, skill, knowledge, commitment, creativity and passion for driving results for both you as the professional and your clients – and the children involved – are just a few of the things we bring to the table.

We have proven results in problem-solving around high-conflict cases, helping parties learn how to be better clients and parents through a very challenging process.  The better your clients are served as they struggle with their day to day and week to week needs of working through turmoil, providing for children, performing at work and handling family and other distractions, the better your chance of having a client who will let you lead them to success.

Our Leadership Team owns this process, which means the burden on you and your staff is lessened, and your ability to manage time and results goes up.

This is a benefit for your practice and for the Practice of Law in general, and part of our mission is to uphold and support the integrity and success of the Family Law community.   As clients benefit from improved peace of mind and reduced cost around managing emotions and conflict, their satisfaction with your work improves.  The need for clients to doubt, complain and file Bar grievances can decrease dramatically with our support.

Along with Relationship Management services, our team of advisors can provide a higher level of conflict resolution that is second to none in the focus on Child Custody decisions.

Where your commitment is to Serving the Needs of Children and good parents, allowing the children to have the best of both parents and to reduce loss and trauma, you are in the right hands with My Advocate Center.

Please email today to learn more about how we can increase your client satisfaction and boost your quality referrals.