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My Advocate Center offers a broad range of resources for parents, while also providing unique solutions for professionals, including law enforcement and protective agency investigators, as well as policymakers and news media.

Please use this form to request support or let us know how you would like to contribute. We are especially focused right now on helping professionals, courts, law enforcement and schools become more trauma-informed and prepared to help prevent new trauma and to assist in speeding recovery.

Ongoing research is key, so if you would like to report case details where you believe a review is warranted, click here.

Our services are available for both parents and professionals, with unique programs under development for professional training as well.

A sliding scale may be applied as appropriate, with a limited number of pro bono hours available per month.  We may apply discounts based on the complexity and needs of the situation, and based on availability of hours in the current month. In addition to our staff, we have a solid resource directory of professionals to call on for support.

Please submit the Request Form on this page, checking the appropriate areas of interest, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

There is NO cost to submit case details for the purpose of sharing information leading to more thorough investigations and news coverage.

If you are interested in resolving conflict more peacefully, safely and while limiting cost and stress, this is the right place to start.

If you only wish to receive our newsletter and updates, or merely want to provide data to support the reform initiatives, please let us know.

Use this form below if you are looking for guidance or have a service to offer, or a desire to contribute to reform and improvements.

Our team should respond to you within 48 hours of receipt, but the response to local news media is growing rapidly so please try back if you do not receive a quick response.

For policymakers, civic leaders and press, please use this form above and choose the appropriate designation. Briefings are being scheduled regularly.

Pro Advocate Radio is another resource for both families and professionals, so stay tuned for news about our upcoming series in 2020 by following here on Twitter.

PARENTS in need of support:

Consultations and services are fee-based, and reasonable. Savings over what you would spend (or lose) without our support can be significant, and what you can save in time and stress is greater than the financial benefits of our work.

Pro bono help is also offered when and where possible, but is limited at this time.

As we work with other leaders in our Judicial system, in Family Law, in Child Protective Services and in Juvenile Justice, we are demonstrating what is possible on individual cases.

We provide more than awareness, and more than advocacy for reform.

Our mission includes helping as many families as possible in reaching the best possible outcome, while helping others recover from damages caused by professional and judicial error or abuse.

Get informed, connect with others serving this mission, and help empower families to restore balance for their children!

To protect the integrity of our communications with our clients we require your full name. We do not sell or broadcast this information to anyone.
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