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Have you experienced something in Family Court that did not make any sense?

Is your family in worse shape after litigation, or after dealings with certain professionals involved in Family Law matters?

Please submit this form with as much detail as you can provide, and if you choose to have your identity held private, select the “Remain Anonymous” box.  If you are interested in more than aiding research and would like professional support in reviewing a case you believe should be flagged for “Professional Misconduct,” please check that option.

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Suspected Misconduct by Professionals
Some cases appear to have either judicial error, abuse of discretion, and / or other professional misconduct involved. Please review these options:
Representation in Court
Check the box that best describes how your case was managed and presented to the Court, i.e., with counsel, pro se, or a combination:
False Allegations Used?
If your case involved false allegations made against you, please review the below questions.
If you were allowed to know about the allegations, defend yourself, and overcome the allegations, check YES here:
Poor Outcome Due to False Allegations
I was falsely accused, but was not allowed to understand the allegations, defend myself, and was damaged by the outcome.
Check YES if outcome was poor, and the Court DID consider, or hear / see on the record, the FACTS and EVIDENCE of your situation:
Dispute over Children
We agree that "custody" should not be used to describe children, but rather prisoners. So "Child Custody" is the term that accurately describes this situation, as our family was held hostage in this process:
Financial Issues
"This case was more than financially draining, to the point of leaving our family in worse shape than where we began," is what we often hear reported. Select options that apply to this case:
Not a litigant, but have a case to report?
Please check the box that best describes you or your role, and if any form of abuse was involved?
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