For Parents


When you are in the middle of a divorce or custody battle, it is difficult to see past the stress and emotion of the moment. M-A-C provides the coaching you need to become your own best advocate. Contact us for help with:

  • Documentation check list
  • How to find the best legal representation
  • What to expect from your lawyer
  • How to maintain financial security and how to survive an audit
  • How to manage through court demands
  • How to find the best family counselors
  • How to work with court appointed evaluators


As common as divorce and custody battles are in our society, all lawyers and other advisors are not created equal. M-A-C will help you find representatives and advocates who are up to date on the most current protocols associated with custody dispute matters, especially with cases that involve family violence or suspected abuse.

  • Legal Counselors
  • Financial Advistors
  • Psychological and Family Therapy Counselors


M-A-C provides case management on a fee basis to clients who need an objective advocate and more personalized support in meetings with attorneys, financial advisors, court evaluators and other counselors.

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