Better Team Building ~ Better Results

How can M-A-C  improve the outcome of your divorce and child custody matter?

We have the experience and insight needed to make a difference for both professionals and parents where both are determined to reach the best possible outcome for the family.

Our expertise in team building is both unique and superior.

M-A-C guides in helping you understand the process better and in surrounding you with the best possible resources and counseling for YOUR situation and for your future.

Our approach includes a unique “Case Analysis” that is not currently done anywhere else, and it is getting results.   Research and analysis are parts of the equation, but these go hand in hand with knowing the Family Court landscape along with the professionals who govern and respond to it.

Our commitment is to ensure that you avoid unnecessary loss and trauma – especially for you as a Parent and around the Needs of Your Children.

No other service and leadership team possesses the insight, skill, commitment, talent & creativity – and practical experience – that we do.

Our mission is to help you as a family reach the best possible outcome and we will accept nothing less than that from your team of professionals.  Our involvement means greater understanding and peace of mind, better counseling and advocacy, reduced expense and faster recovery.   These benefits to you as our client translate to a better outcome for your children and increase the likelihood of better Co-Parenting after the court drama is over.

Plain-Speak:  We work with a focus on what is best for the children involved, which means their reality around having needs met and reducing stress.  If both parents receive the right counseling and intervention, if the right team helps resolve conflict EARLY and often, then you stand a better chance for ending the struggle peacefully and for a faster recovery.

You can expect the highest level of service, integrity and commitment to your needs from our staff.

Results matter.  Your rights as a parent matter.  The resources that you have available to give to your children matter.   Your resources are your time, energy, finances, property, beliefs, family and friends…your ability to focus on your children and to give them the best of what you have to offer.   We help you use your resources wisely.

Our Leadership Team has proven results in problem-solving around high-conflict cases.   The more informed you are about your team and the process, the better you can prepare and manage.   The more we help you filter out the mystery, uncertainty and distractions, the better chance you have and the professionals on your case have of succeeding.

Lip service around “winning” and “beating down” your opponent does not lead to a great outcome for your children, and long term you lose with this approach.  We can show you in real terms what this means, and how to avoid this as a trap.

We work from practical experience with the issues you are facing, and bring to that “Real Life Vantage Point” an Advisory Council that commands respect in the industry because of integrity, commitment to clients and children, and with a track record that cannot be undermined.


Would you like to KNOW that you are receiving the best support possible from your team?

Would you like to avoid what many others say after it is too late, “Why didn’t anyone tell me that, or explain this…?”   And, “If only I had known what they meant or how it would play out for my children?”   “I wish I could redo that process or fix that outcome, knowing what I know now.”

Don’t wait to find out later…find out NOW what many other parents and families have missed — find the BEST PATH for Success with our help.

Where your commitment is Serving the Needs of Your Children, and allowing your children to have the best of both parents and to reduce loss and trauma, you are in the right hands.

Because we have been through this process ourselves and are backed by some of the best leaders in the industry, we can guide you like no one else can.

Please email today to learn more about how we can get you on the Best Path for Success.