Facing Divorce? Your First Step is Here.

Are you facing the possibility of divorce?

Step One:

Right now, before you file or if you have just hired an attorney, stop here.

This is the time to redirect and regroup in a way that helps you avoid what others are experiencing because they didn’t realize what can happen when you are not prepared and don’t have the right team around you.

Please contact us and schedule time to learn how to get prepared so that you can transition more smoothly through and out of conflict. We prefer to see families resolve conflict without going through divorce, so if there is a chance this can be achieved and you are open to family counseling and treatment for issues that may allow the marriage to stay intact, please let us know.  Divorce is not always the only option.

Go to our Contact page, complete the form and we will follow up with you as quickly as possible.  We charge a minimal amount for consulting, which is designed to help you prepare for limiting exposure and stress in this process.

If you want to be positioned to give your children the best you have to offer them, and want to preserve your families’ resources and time for their benefit, you are in the right place.

Email us today to get started.