Fathers Who Do the Right Thing

A growing need in Georgia is one that many men would not expect.

We believe that if we “take the high road” and “do the right thing” by other family members, that the Justice system will recognize that when considering motions and making rulings.  We believe we will be able to get a fair outcome as good parents, and that we will be allowed to provide for and protect our children.

If we are present in our kids’ lives, contributing and working to balance many challenges, we should be recognized for our value, and supported in our roles.

We believe that the professionals will factor in the evidence and truth of our lives, and use everything in their power – within what our laws allow – to help us help our children.

Large numbers of fathers have found that not to be the case.

We are alarmed at the number of pending cases in the Atlanta area and around Georgia involving the use of false allegations against good parents.  The fathers we are getting to know are revealing that their attorneys have the evidence needed to defend them and to correct the situation, or to avoid it to begin with, but for some reason are not pursuing balance or relief from prosecutions for these dads.

Did you know?  False allegations are not just a tactic used against good fathers, which is a belief we hear expressed often.  Mothers are being falsely accused as well, of abusing or neglecting children, of being violent and of “alienating” their children when the facts show that it is the other parent – with the help of certain custody experts and attorneys – who is behaving badly and often to the extreme.

It is simply more profitable for select professionals to introduce and push false allegations. It doesn’t matter to them which parent gets hurt, or worse, that the kids are suffering in all of these cases.  Damaging children this way ensures future litigation, and makes it easier for these professionals to collect more in fees from the current case.  A good parent falsely accused will be forced to leverage everything they have, including assets from other family members, to deal with the false allegations and to help their children cope.

My Advocate Center does publish much on damages to children where mothers are the targeted or damaged parent, but the reality is this:

  • Fathers who are good to their children & who want to do the right thing are just as likely to be targeted and undermined by this process – by certain professionals – as are mothers.
  • We serve as many fathers as we do mothers, because our mission is about helping children access the best that both parents have to offer.
  • Regardless of whether the mother or the father is put at a disadvantage & penalized for standing up for their kids and their rights, the kids are always harmed.
  • False allegations are now commonly enabled, and used by certain attorneys and custody experts to increase their profits, and more and more fathers are disadvantaged and damaged this way.
  • No one sees this coming; and there isn’t much you can do to avoid it, and once you’re caught, there is no way out until the controlling lawyers are willing to let you out.
  • “Dysfunctional” comes in all shapes and sizes, as does vindictiveness, addiction & the ill-natured use of children as pawns. Just because one or both parties may be dysfunctional and/or willing to harm one another doesn’t mean misbehaving professionals get a pass for making the situation worse.

My Advocate Center strives to help good parents overcome challenges presented in these situations, and that includes helping good men and women stay in the lives of their children.

Case studies will be published showing how too many fathers are being set up to fail in child custody disputes.  Our case studies will also dispel some myths about which parent is likely to lose the most.  

Police are responding to allegations being made, where one party is guided to use what some lawyers refer to as a winning strategy, which involves lying to police.  An interesting angle in a pending report shows that parties guided to lie to police are not being given the truth about what the consequences are for making false reports and giving false testimony.  A complementary angle is that statements or reports by police are also misrepresented and/or concealed where needed to defend. Clearly the data flowing from these reports demonstrates the need for greater analysis.

The Human Factor: most people would not think to use these tactics on their own, and they would not have the ability to successfully manage this without support from other willing parties.  Also, police reports on their own don’t get the desired outcome of destabilizing the targeted party. It takes having an attorney in most situations who will take the false testimony or false reports to the Court, and who will leverage it all to an unfair and unethical advantage.  

Should you as a parent, or should other professionals, just stand by and allow this to go unchecked?  If you are a victim of this type of crime, have you tallied up the damages to you and your children?  If not, maybe it’s time.

My Advocate Center’s position is that this misconduct must be dealt with head-on, rather than enabled and covered up.

If you fall into this category as a father or as a mother – on either side of the allegations – then contact us for professional services to support your recovery.