Parenting Through and Out of Conflict

Parenting is no easy task to begin with, but if you are not in agreement and are struggling with co-parenting with someone from whom you are separating or to whom you are no longer married, frustration can go through the roof and your children suffer the consequences.

When you add in the uncertainty of litigation or are contemplating hiring lawyers, your best intentions and best parenting efforts can quickly go south. Ask for the help you need early on – prevention is key!

The over-arching goal in offering support services to parents caught in conflict is to diffuse frustration and see you work out your differences. If it is possible to save a marriage and keep your family intact, that is top priority. I strongly endorse marriage counseling and whatever form of therapy and treatment you can access to make it possible to stay together.

If it is simply not possible to heal the relationship at this stage, and you want thoughtful insight and support to see that your children receive the best of both parents, invest in the kind of support that will help you transition out of the conflict as smoothly as possible.

Focus on the needs of your children and set aside the concept of winning vs. losing; you want them to win by having you remain available and able to give them your best. When your children are truly your top priority, resolving conflict becomes more straightforward.

Litigation has serious side-effects for children and parents, and having seen it bring out the worst in parents, prolonging and escalating conflict, I’m committed to helping you discover what is possible for the sake of your children.

Most parents want to get along for the sake of their children, or at least want their children to not experience the worst of what the adults are going through. For these parents who want a matter-of-fact and insightful way to improve co-parenting during a high-stress time, or want someone to help them navigate changes in schedules, document needs and issues, etc., inviting a parenting coordinator into the equation may be the right solution.

Need a reliable and cost-effective way to work this out? Parenting coordinators who are recommended during litigation are generally lawyers or psychologists, but there is an alternative in Georgia. Hire a parent who has been through this process and can show you more effective ways to secure a healthy future for your children.

Providing this service follows decades of parenting under difficult circumstances and is only offered based on the experience, expertise and insights gained from many years of studying behavioral patterns in both parents and professionals during conflict resolution. Working with someone who has co-parented for years following divorce, has known the joy and struggles of being a step-parent and who has experienced the extraordinary challenges of family court has unique advantages.

Note: I am not a lawyer or licensed counselor, but am glad to assist with guidance in forming the right team of professionals to guide your family to help achieve the best outcome for your children.

An added advantage you’ll find here is based on my belief that less is more. Less complicated, less time-consuming and less expensive means more of what you have to offer is available for your children. I believe that a family’s resources should be preserved for the benefit of the children, ensuring that both parents have the ability to provide for them and to be as involved as possible.

If you are interesting in a consultation to learn if this alternative may be a fit for your family, please complete this form and allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Positive outcomes are possible!

Deb Beacham