Parents Need to Know They are on the Right Path

My Advocate Center offers a collection of experts and resources to give individuals a way to know they are on the right path and in good hands when entering into or navigating through a legal conflict.

Where there are children involved we provide parents, counselors and elected officials with clear, actionable insight into how to improve the child-custody process to serve the true best interests of the child.

Because the needs of children are too often considered last, or even ignored, we put a strong emphasis on supporting cases where children are involved.  It is in this child custody area of Family Law where there is the most negative and lasting fallout.

Parents who are healthy and focused on the needs of their children are often not experiencing the utmost in honesty and loyalty for professionals, and in a number of cases they are set up to fail.  Many of our case studies will reveal what this means in terms of “Breach of Fiduciary Duty.”  If parents understand the difference between ethical professionals and those who merely give lip service to their needs, they will be in a better position to protect themselves from the damages we are revealing here.

The fallout in Family Court is happening because of the adversarial nature of the legal process, the money to be made by prolonging conflict between parents, and because of the mental health impact on both parents and children.  It is very difficult for parents and children to recover and stabilize after experiencing the betrayal of certain professionals and the foul play tactics employed by many.

See A New Agenda for more on this unfortunate reality.  And learn what we are advocating for in Family Court Reform.