Table of Contents

Under Development for 2018

To make it easier to see what is available on My Advocate Center’s website and Blog, we are preparing a Resource Library of Articles and Ideas.

Core Focus Areas are Trauma Prevention, Family Stability, Safer Conflict Resolution and, of course, the Needs of Children.

Outstanding professionals who show us what it looks and sounds like when jobs are done right will be featured on a larger platform beginning in 2018.

Years of research, reporting, consulting and various forms of advocacy are yielding compelling illustrations and case studies on how to improve child safety and parenting through conflict and into recovery.

Case studies and useful data can be applied with immediate and lasting benefits:

Judicial Officers / Court Staff 

Policymakers Interested in Public Health, Safety and Public Trust 

Law Enforcement and other Protective Agencies

Parents and Extended Family Members

Legal, Financial and Healthcare Professionals

If you wish to contribute material or suggest resources, please contact us here.

Available Now for Legal Professionals:

  • Resources for supporting clients in high-conflict child custody disputes
  • Resolving conflict faster using case studies and research
  • Experts on child abuse, false allegations, co-parenting and transitioning out of conflict
  • Assistance for clients needing support with documentation and follow-through work
  • Case analysis to support strategy
  • News media support and proper use of USC Rule 22

Healthcare Providers:

  • Communicating with other responders to create a more Trauma-Informed environment
  • Understanding the legal process for resolving high-conflict divorce and child custody matters
  • What parents are experiencing that is interfering with psychological treatment and/or worsening conditions
  • What children are experiencing that is increasing stress and leading to trauma and related disorders
  • How proper diagnosis and treatment are being undermined or blocked
  • False reports related to mental health disorders
  • Recovery support needed by parents and children
  • Prevention plans