Full Disclosure and Fairness: What Women Need to Know When Marriage Ends and Discovery Begins

It’s not often that you hear divorced parties, whether a man or a woman, say they got a fair shake in the legal process but for women who have been stay-at-home mothers and/or gave up careers to support a husband, fairness, or the lack thereof, can be frightening and even permanently scarring.

Education of women at earlier stages in life is the core solution to this problem so you’ll read more about programs and tools over the coming year to address these issues.

Help shape educational programs and tools by providing as much detail about your experience as you can manage or muster! It is absolutely NOT a fun task to think back about what went wrong, what you wish you’d known about your family finances, spending habits, retirement plans, etc., and it can be even more painful to think about how your case was handled (or mishandled) by lawyers and experts. So, I don’t ask this of you lightly. If you cannot spare the time, energy or emotion to do it now, please save this page and come back to it later?

Specific to the needs of women and improving outcomes, including preserving peace of mind and stability along the way, please consider and answer these questions. If you think of questions – to help women or men – and do not see them here, please make notes and reach out using the Contact form on this website. Thank you!

About Public Information Officer

Deb Beacham of Atlanta is the founder of My Advocate Center, Inc., a Georgia non-profit corporation created in 2011 to serve the rapidly growing needs of families and children caught in conflict.

What is Solutions-Based Journalism?
Researching and reporting are being leveraged in the development of creative solutions to help families preserve their time, energy, financial resources and homes for the benefit of their children.

Public awareness and engagement are key so Ms. Beacham launched programming for professionals serving families, reaching more than a million listeners across the metro Atlanta area. Pro Advocate Radio will be announcing its next series soon!