Current News: Damages to Children and to Victims of Violence and Fraud


Several teens have gone missing due to misconduct in family conflict matters, and it is believed these kids are being held wrongfully in Residential Treatment Centers, such as Elevations or Island View in Utah, or in similar facilities in other states like North Carolina.

Kids are being cut off from nurturing, loving and safe parents, removed from schools where they were doing well, and sent away so as to silence them and prevent them from speaking out about abuse they allege they were experiencing. This is a horrible form of child abuse and neglect. Please get involved and contribute where you can.

To learn more about the plight of parents and children in mishandled child custody cases, please see the Books on Family Conflict shown here.


Please check back for the latest news stories about cases we have flagged for review and investigation.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month so we will feature professionals who are working hard to intervene in dangerous situations, to protect vulnerable parties and to prevent ongoing violence and abuse.