The Needs of Children and Pro Advocate Radio

Everything we can do to raise awareness, engage volunteers and build financial support is worth doing, and that is the Call to Action for Pro Advocate Radio!

The fact that so many children are not having their needs met is the reason My Advocate Center and Deb Beacham invested in creating this show, and ensuring that a large audience is reached on a consistent basis.

We see and hear campaigns about specific needs, and at certain times of the year – and many of us step up. But we go back quickly to our daily routines, to our own challenges, and the needs of children often fall to the wayside.

Thankfully we have a number of organizations who stay focused daily to support homeless children, single parents and those struggling to obtain healthcare, meals, school supplies and needed protection from abuse.

Throughout the year we will feature organizations that help these families and children, and help us keep their needs – and what WE can do – front and center.

Children’s Restoration Network is one of these organizations, and CRN serves homeless children with 6,000 volunteers, so please take some time to learn more, and please send us information on organizations and events you believe would be a fit for Pro Advocate Radio.

LISTEN here to the radio broadcast reaching millions to educate and enlist our communities in uplifting these children, single parents and this great organization. Monday 10am Eastern. Pro Advocate Radio also airs Saturday morning at 8am and can be heard online as well using the TuneIn app. 92.5FM is heard between and around the Atlanta and Newnan, Georgia, areas.

Ben Minor and Deb Beacham discuss Children's Restoration Network