Professional Spotlight

We want those professionals who add value and who contribute over and above to helping clients achieve their best possible outcome to stand out.

The experts, whether financial advisors, divorce coaches, healthcare and mental health professionals, attorneys or mediators, should be focused not only on the individual’s needs but what is truly best for the family, especially where children are involved.

In many cases we see that the needs of children are not being met, that the family’s resources are being drained away from them instead of being preserved to encourage stability, good health and recovery from conflict.

This often translates into children not being able to have the best that both parents have to offer them, and it also leads to bankruptcy, and the loss of homes, careers and health.  This is why public education and a new form of consulting and coaching are so important.

By learning about our experts and spotlighted professionals, the public can now start to learn the difference about how professionals work and can learn how to better advocate for themselves prior to a dispute and during relationships with professionals.

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Professional Spotlight on Pro Advocate Radio