Case Analysis

For litigants who are facing a crossroads where nothing makes sense:

  • How did I get here?
  • Why are these professionals NOT using the evidence to help me or my children?
  • Didn’t we file that already?  Or, why has the Court not responded to this motion that my attorney said would help me?

There are countless questions and scenarios presented by parents and other litigants who feel trapped in the legal process.

There may be a way to get to the bottom of it, and to help clarify what the available options are.  You are in the right place to become informed about why your case is taking so long, or why it seems to be going down a black hole.

Remember, you always have options, and should NOT be forced to choose between caring for your children and reaching a fair and reasonable outcome.

Please submit your request on our Contact Us page, and we will walk you through this process.  Our process is not offered anywhere else, and our Analysts and Legal Counsel are second to none.